Boric Acid Solutions for Pet Infections

Eye Infections in Kittens
Posted by Pam E. / 2Q&Learn (Menifee, California, USA) on 01/22/2024 140 posts

When I was around 11 yo (now 67) 1 of my sis' cat had a 1st litter of 6 kittens. (She was 5 yrs older & not as into animals as me, plus had other interests ... so I spent by far the most time with them.) When they got crusty buildup over their soon-to-open eyes, I mentioned my concerns to an even older sister, who told me she'd learned about Boric Acid ... & that we could get it at the pharmacy. So we wound up purchasing some, I made it up, & began applying it to their eyes (twice a day I guess). I kept applying it until the crustiness totally disappeared.... We kept 2 of those kittens, who both went on to have kittens of their own, & I used the Boric Acid solution on their eyes as well, with the same positive outcome.