Natural Cures for Bloat in Dogs

Peppermint Essential Oil
Posted by Christine T. (Carnation, WA) on 07/26/2022

Tonight was the second time my dog has suffered from bloat. The last time, a dōTERRA peppermint softgel (he's a 60# chow) helped ease his excruciating symptoms before we made it to the emergency vet, so tonight I gave him one immediately when I recognized he was in distress. His symptoms worsened for get next fifteen minutes and I prepared for a midnight drive to the vet. By the time I found my keys he belched and vegan to act more calm. The tension in his beach all belly lessened and his breathing slowed to near normal. Hours later, I'm headed to bed as he is now sleeping peacefully.

The peppermint helped my sweet boy so much and so quickly, probably saving his life and definitely saving me hundreds if not thousands of dollars. (For smaller dogs dōTERRA makes a tiny beadlet size. I honestly think everyone should have one of these easy ways to give pure, natural peppermint oil to a dog on hand in case of emergency.)

Peppermint Essential Oil
Posted by Theprincessmommy (Sacramento, Ca) on 12/12/2013



  • 3 drops peppermint essential oil
  • 1 tsp. carrier oil (like almond oil or even baby oil)


  • Rub it onto the belly, gently, in downward strokes.
  • Apply lightly to bottoms of paws.


My 7-year-old, <5 lb. Yorkshire Terrier was suffering from some very severe symptoms that looked an awful lot like Bloat. His mid-section was large and very hard, stomach was rock hard, listless, laying "funny", drooling excessively, wouldn't eat or drink, wasn't going outside, acting like he'd vomit but didn't, wasn't barking at anyone out the window like he normally does. At one point he suddenly became very restless, and although I was happy that he was moving at all, he was acting very frantic or restless as he ran through the house. He had just eaten a lot more kibble than usual the previous day - gorging himself after we changed his eating situation so he didn't share the same space with the bigger dog. (We hadn't been aware of Bloat at the time so didn't think to control his portions. He'd never gorged himself before.) We did not have the money to take him to the vet, so he was not diagnosed or given veterinary care. We knew it meant he could die and we warned our older children of the possible outcome so they could pray for him.

Peppermint essential oil is safe for dogs is used for digestive problems and bloating (among other things.) I applied peppermint essential oil to his stomach. I did this by putting about a teaspoon of natural, organic baby oil in my cupped hand to use as the carrier oil and adding about 3 drops of peppermint essential oil to that. I laid my dog down on his back and gently rubbed the oil on his belly. I gently massaged it in, repeating downward strokes with my hand.

With what was left on my hands I rubbed some onto the bottoms of his paws. I rubbed his back a little in downward strokes toward his tail, kind of grasping his sides as I stroked downward, hoping it would help in some way. Then I let him rest.

The next morning he was doing very well. Running around like normal, his ears up, the hard bulge in his middle was much smaller and the hardness was almost gone from there as well as from his stomach. He went outside again. Later he started eating. By that evening I was sure he was completely fine again. The next day is today and he is back to completely normal.