Natural Cures for Bloat in Dogs

Posted by Lori (North Carolina) on 08/08/2016

Cayenne cured my dog's case of bloat. My doberman had a hard cold abdomen and was walking stiffly...her sides appeared somewhat bloated...I had been thru a worse bloat many years ago with a Zane where I went in with a stomach tube and gallons of fluid came up .....This time I gave a dropper full of very strong cayenne tincture that I keep on hand for major problems.....such as shock..heart attack..stroke....within 5 minutes the dog vomited like a gallon of fluid with foodstuff mixed is active and acting like her normal self...will with old all food and fluids and see if she needs to go to the is late and I have a bedridden husband I cannot leave alone and no one is home to help me...

Thank God for has saved many animals over the years for me...sometimes just biding time until a surgery could be performed!!