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Lavender Oil for Bird Mites
Posted by Tonzzi (Bend, Oregon) on 08/03/2010

Bird mite remedy

I have three parakeets. I noticed a mite on one of their beaks, it won't be long and they could all die... So I thought this remedy will either kill them or cure them! This is what I did: In a 2 oz. Spray bottle, add 2 to 4 drops Lavender essential oil. Clean the bottom tray of your cage, then line w/ paper towels and spray paper towels w/ Lavender-water! Yea!! It cured my one parakeet and the others did not get mites! I've been doing this now for 2 years... Happy healthy birds! And it allows slack time between cage cleaning... No smelly cage! Hope this helps other bird lovers! Tonzzi