Aural Hematoma Remedies

Let It Heal on Its Own
Posted by Sun (Australia) on 02/03/2014
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Hi, I'm writing today because my dog was suffering a second haematoma on the opposite ear last week, the first ear cost us over $1000 in surgery. At the time of the initial surgery the vet was quite blaze about it, it made me blaze this time around and before doing anything thought I would look up online about it. This was one of the sites I came to. I did ring the vet last Friday, two or three days after the haematoma appeared. I had her scheduled for surgery yesterday morning, being Monday. I am a psychic and Friday night spirit was badgering me and telling me I would have to take her to the vet on the Saturday morn. I accepted that even tho we live in the country and there is a lot of travel involved, 3 hours of driving alone. I rang the vet and said I was concerned, she assured me she would be fine for her surgery on Monday, she was in no pain, a little discomfort, that was all. I still felt so unsure and asked if I could send some photo's which I did, they came back to say a second time, no she be fine till her scheduled surgery on Monday morning. Spirit woke me at 3.30 am Monday morn badgering me to go and have a cigarette, they hate me smoking and I had to get up early to take the dog. I got up anyway, had my smoke, saw our dogs feet sticking out from the underneath of our bar area, one of her favourite spots. They said call her, I did, nothing, she didn't get up. That's weird, I'm thinking, call again, same. I got up and went over to her started calling her name and shaking her, nothing..... I then stopped still for a minute to see breathing, no breathing, she was dead. We were then faced with burying our dog at 3.30 in the morn and it's safe to say the vet has copped it as well as myself for not listening to spirit in preference to a university degree.

Now, this is what no-one discusses here. If as a human you had that much blood near your brain, you would be hospitilised for fear of an aneurism or stroke, true. I feel my dog died of an aneurism, it could have been a large amount of blood in her ear or a tiny little clot but it found it's way to her brain and killed her. She died in her sleep, we had no idea anything was happening out of the ordinary for those last hours of her life.

Don't listen to everyone on here, don't even listen to vets that say it is not a serious medical condition, my dog was 6 years old, too young to die.

Listen to self and your animal, rely on your intuitive feelings. How can anyone say that would not be hurting, it's just stupid, if our ear was blown up like that full of blood, it would fricking hurt, it's just a load of bs.

Take a tip from someone who knows, get off forums on the internet telling you this and that and take your animal to the vet.