Anxiety and Stress Cures for Pets

Posted by Allie (Charlotte, Nc) on 06/17/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I have a macaw parrot who has endured 2 years of relentless transition. She is a trooper who has hung in there whole heartedly through it all. But alas, the stress has finally taken its toll. She has started pulling feathers from her chest, neck, shoulders, under her wings and legs. It breaks my heart to see her suffer like this, especially because it's my fault for dragging her through the hell I've been living!

I took her to a vet to see if I could do anything about it. I already treat her water with 6-8 drops of Rescue Remedy which works wonders on separation anxiety! The vet recommended Melatonin and an additional supplement. But finding a concentrated amount was a challenge! (You can't force feed a parrot 2 tbs of medicine.) She is about 2lbs and needs 1-2mg per dose. Finally, I found a concentrated melatonin liquid product (10mg/ml - WOW) that she will eat on Hawaiian Sweet Bread!!! You can find it at Puritan's Pride. Amazing stuff and inexpensive (btw...people can take it too). All she needs is 1 drop and within 15 minutes she's already snoozing. It's been a saving grace as I see our way through this Divine Storm and can get our lives stable again.

I highly recommend this for other pet owners to try. Of course, **please** check with your vet first for permission, safety, and dosage for your pet!

Here's to helping our little soulmates feel better!