Anxiety and Stress Cures for Pets

Homeopathic Remedies, Dietary Changes
Posted by Om (Hope, B. C. Canada) on 03/14/2013
5 out of 5 stars

My rescue German shepherd was too old to be spayed. I know about vet medicines but would never use them as they are detrimental to animal's health and have severe side effects. This was my experience. This dog had extreme anxiety symptoms for two years. She ravaged her tail, gave out shrieks every day and chased her raw tail end. It was trying. She was very noise sensitive and when she heard the kitchen blender or a police sirene she went into fits every time. Then, by a fluke I came across the homeopatic remedy LILIUM TIGRINUM. Supposed to help with restless dog behaviour and females in heat. I ordered it from a health food store and gave one dose, followed by another and one more three days later. From the start of this treatment this poor dog is a calm, content animal. I do not have to repeat this dose. I find Bach remedies not powerful enough for very serious behaviour issues. I home cook for all my rescue pets and stay clear of preservatives and non organic foods. Nutritional yeast provides the valuable b vitamins needed, fish oil, kelp powder for minerals and coconut oil. And, of course, ACV.

Another issue the presence of parasites which can have a bearing on behaviour as the nutrients are being depeted, leaving the animal with a very impaired nervous system. Parasites do not show all the time in stool and I believe in deworming pets twice a year. If it is very bad, one has to resort to vet meds. However neem capsules (3 for shep. size) several times per week with freshly powdered cloves in the food to kill the eggs, and colloidal silver water to drink for a period can address this problem without ill effects on their health.

Kali is now calm and does not yell anymore. Hope this helps. Om