Anxiety and Stress Cures for Pets

General Feedback
Posted by Avo (Toronto, Ontario Canada) on 12/29/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I consulted a homeopathic veterinarian who gave me a drop solution that has worked wonders for my 3 -9 yr old cats. I have since found it online as HOMEOPET ANXIETY FORMULA drops. (see their website for details)

One of my cats is very fussy about tastes and additives to food - she won't touch it. But she has eaten this one!!! You give 5 drops with canned food per meal up to 3 times per day and voila, you will see a great improvement. You give it consistently for a couple of weeks and can gradually decrease the drops as they show improvement. Or you can give it immediately to the mouth in acute situations. Homeopathic remedies are a wonder and I didn't believe they would work either, but was at my wits end for something. IT worked!!!

There is another remedy I bought at my local pet store, by NATURAL PET Pharmaceticals called STRESS CONTROL. It is a liquid you add a capful to their water bowl. It doesn't seem to have the same effect when added to their food, as the HOMEOPET ANXIETY formula.