Natural Remedies for Cancer

Natural Treatments for Cancer

Modified on Jun 15, 2024

There are few conditions so sobering as cancer and with that few conditions so difficult to treat. Previously cancer treatment centered on one approach or the other: traditional or non-traditional such as using only natural remedies for cancer.. However, recent research shows that a combined or holistic approach that draws from both conventional medicine and naturalistic medicine, is the most effective combination.

A number of natural treatnebts, such as acupuncture, dietary changes, and aromatherapy and essential oils, have been identified by our readers as effective supports to common cancer treatment.

How Do Natural Remedies and Traditional Treatments Work Together?

As cancer treatment began, the options were extremely limited and often ineffective. Today, however, we have a greater body or research as well as additional options for treatment. This research suggests that no one approach to cancer is best but that the approaches need to be combined to be most effective. The National Cancer Instituted calls this approach complementary and alternative medicine or CAM.

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