UTI and Ovarian Cancer Connection

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Alan (Mexico) on 05/29/2020:
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Just high dose vitamin C will be eliminated through urinary tract and will give you relief and cure.

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Tony B. (Michigan) on 05/27/2020:
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My mother was having reoccurring urinary tract infections for several years. One night after becoming bloated and uncomfortable, my father had to take her to the ER. There she met a Dr. that actually looked into the cause of the UTI's and performed an ultrasound on her ovaries and discovered that she had reached stage 4 ovarian cancer. She fought it for almost a year and succumbed to the disease in Aug. 2019.

If anyone has UTI's and can't get rid of them, please insist on getting your ovaries checked... Every Dr.and specialist that she visited before had just given her antibiotics and she tried every natural remedy known to man but it just wasn't enough.

On a side note, she had a hysterectomy in 1975 but the ovaries were not removed.

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