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Seeking Remedies for Numb Pinky Finger

Bruce31s (New Orleans, La) on 08/12/2020

What can be done for a numb pinky finger on my left hand?

I started having this numbness/tingling on my left pinky finger intermittently in November 2019. by janurary 2020, it went full time numb on my pinky.

I saw doctor recently, says its pinched nerve either from my elbow or neck.

I fractured my arm 3 years ago. also my rotator cuff on my right shoulder appears to be torn. This is not confirmed, am seeing a bone specialist to confirm.

I did have a similar tingling on my left arm a few years ago and that was traced to my right shoulder. I got a massage to take care of that.


Re: MMS Makes it Hard for Me to Breathe

Anna (Tx) on 08/12/2020

Joyce, it's MSM not MSG.

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Multiple Remedies for Gum Disease Caused By Crown Not Helping

Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 08/12/2020

Grace, you can try rinsing your mouth several times a day with clay water. Kaolin clay - white clay - is the mildest of all clays, but it works almost as well as the green clay.

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Multiple Remedies for Gum Disease Caused By Crown Not Helping

Grace (Colorado) on 08/11/2020
1 out of 5 stars

Is the only remedy for gum disease caused by a decade-old crown to get it replaced? I might have been scammed a decade ago when I was told by a dentist I needed multiple crowns when I was only 20 years old. I take good care of my teeth now yet have bleeding and painful gums at the crown's locations. I have been trying multiple remedies for gum disease, yet nothing seems to help at those locations.

Re: MMS for COVID-19

Ramesh G. (Mumbai) on 08/12/2020
0 out of 5 stars

I have been taking mms for nearly 3 years using lemon drops. But some 10 days ago this seem to be not working. Because one morning I got up with severe pain in my thigh. Hence here we have an ayurvedic medicine Mahasudarshan kada. I took three times a day. I was relived. I also pumped h2o2 in my mouth (bill munro). After 10 days I was relieved. I hope this was a Flue. I would highly appreciate if u can inumerat on the advantages of using HCL 4 persant, over lemon juice.


Ramesh G.
Mumbai, INDIA

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Nattokinase Helping Plantar Fibromatosis

Jeff (Orlando, Fl) on 08/11/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Fibromatosis - Nattokinase worked great

Have had plantar fibromatosis for years on both feet. had to quit jogging a while back due to them. decided to give nattokinase a try and worked very well in about 2 weeks of use, twice daily - internally. the pills are 2000 FUs each. I also put pharmaceutical grade dmso on the nodules topically, but I really just think it's the Nattokinase doing the job.

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Re: Vitamin D3 for Grover's Disease Did Not Work

Dan Z. (New Jersey) on 08/12/2020
1 out of 5 stars

I'm glad for your relief with 4000 iu's of D3, but I've taken 10,000 iu's of D3 oil gels & 4,000 iu's of powdered capsule for at least a year, and my neck, front & back, my entire back, my sides, around to my stomach have been itching me 24/7 for over a month. I even tried liquid D3 that someone suggested to apply topically, with no relief at all. HELP!

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Re: Apple Cider Vinegar Drops for Pterygium

Margaret (Sydney Australia) on 08/11/2020

Hi, I mix 1 part organic apple cider vinegar with the mother and mix it with 4 parts of more distilled or demineralised water. I put drops in my eyes throughout the day. If the mix is too strong for your eyes then add more water. I still have my pterygium but my eye feels a lot better and it's not as red as it was before.

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Re: Spinal Stenosis Homeopathic Regimen

Azuka (Michigan) on 08/11/2020

It's hard to know what to make of your friend's situation since there are a number of different procedures, surgeries, and treatments available for spinal stenosis. I don't know which one your friend had, who the surgeon was, and whether there was any surgical followup protocols, and whether those protocols were followed. I'm pretty interested in such treatments since spinal stenosis is significantly affecting my life by severely impacting my mobility, not to mention pain level.

I'm pursuing a minimally invasive procedure called 'Vertiflex.' This involves the insertion of a device between two vertebrae which alleviates impingement on the nerve passing through that juncture. If one receives some benefit from epidural shots to the lower back, then it is likely they would receive equal or better results from a vertiflex implant, with the added benefit of it being permanent. Recipients of this procedure six months post-procedure have a 90% satisfaction rate, much much higher than traditional surgical approaches. In some cases, the insertion of two such devices is warranted, which is what my pain doctor is recommending.

Unfortunately, these plans have been put on hold since I need to be off of blood thinners for a short period of time before and after the procedure. I need to remain on blood thinners for another six months or a year before my cardiologist will agree to take me off of this medicine. One may take a look on Youtube at numerous videos demonstrating exactly how this works.... but a common result is a patient who must be taken in via wheelchair for the procedure, who can then go out dancing a week or so later.

As far as that abstract that you were kind enough to provide a link to, I do not profess to understand all of the technical jargon, but I am troubled by a few things....

1 - Sample size - I can not tell how many people were involved in this study. Was it just one? Was it more than one?

2 - Lack of a control - As far as I can tell, there was no control. I think the results could be more meaningful if they conducted cell survival rate studies in a person who merely stopped taking the NSAIDs so that there would be something to compare the questionable use of the homeopathic preparation with.

3 - Conclusion - Two problems. The study fails to show that the homeopathic preparation was the reason for the anti-inflammatory response because (as stated in 2) there was no control. AND attributing the cause as 'probably' mediated via interaction of C. carbonica with phenylalanine 367 residue. What this tells me is that either they are just guessing at the manner in which this supposedly works OR that they already 'knew' the answer before they began the study, which would be a confounding factor.

To be considered as a legit treatment, a different group of researchers would need to develop a parallel study to see if the desirable results can be duplicated, actually many such trials. It sounds like one person only was the subject of the study, but as written it's impossible for me to tell.

I have two further issues:

1 - Your statement that cells are not affected by the placebo effect.

You state this as though it is fact, but it sounds like it is merely your opinion. The placebo effect is extremely well known. I don't know what studies have been done on the placebo effect as it relates to changes at the cellular level. Are you aware of any such studies? If not, then on what do you base your statement that this is not possible? I'm not convinced either way, myself.

2 - You are rather presumptive that I have no understanding of homeopathy. Just because I believe homeopathy to be a fraud does not mean I do not understand the basic premise or how the preparation process goes. I do understand that it is not merely diluting the substance over and over again to achieve a preparation. Using traditional homeopathic preparation methods ALWAYS dilutes the amount of substance at each level of preparation.

I made my own (apparently faulty) assumption when writing my original comment. And that assumption was that the readers of earthclinic, at least those who are interested in homeopathic preparations, already understood the basic principles of homeopathy and of course know that this results in diluting the original material. I did not want to bore people by restating what everyone already knew.

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Cayenne Pepper Tincture

Dr. Nick (Palm Harbor Fl) on 08/11/2020
5 out of 5 stars

TLDR: get a cayenne pepper TINCTURE for Ear Infections

I read all the posts about cayenne, I tried taking a tsp full of it, didn?t notice any difference. I, however, remembered that I had a cayenne pepper Herb Pharm tincture (I have a giant cabinet full of supplements). I took about 1 ML or a dropper full, and 10 minutes later my ear started popping and feeling better. I also applied some hydrogen peroxide, natural ear ache oil, which was also helpful. But I noticed the biggest difference from the cayenne.

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After-Effects of Pneumonia Questions and Food Grade H202 Question

Addylynn (Atlanta, Ga) on 08/11/2020

Hello, I was hospitalized for a severe case of pneumonia and pleural effusion on one lung. (Covid 19 test was negative.)

The pneumonia cleared up rather quickly but the pleural effusion was getting worse and I became the lucky recipient of a chest tube. The doctors used enzymes to dissolve the fluid then drain it. It wasn?t as successful as they hoped after repeating this a few times. Eventually they let me go home to see what my body would work out on its own and come back in a month. Fortunately, my body worked out a good amount of the fluid and found I have a fair amount of scar tissue from the pneumonia.

I feel ok, energy level is still a little off and the oxygen level is good. But I have a lingering pain when I take a deep breath but not when I breath normally. Does it get any better? What about the pneumonia shot? Should I get it?

Lastly, the respiratory therapist in the hospital was a Russian lady and she was gold to me. She told me after I get out, I should take a teaspoon of food grade peroxide everyday and I will never have lung issues again. Does anybody have experience with this protocol?

Lastly, thank you for your response.


Juicing for Glaucoma

Jan (Canada) on 08/11/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I want to share what I've been doing for my pseudoexfoliation glaucoma. I found out ten years ago and have had numerous lasers and drops with no luck in lowering my OP. I tried numerous things over the years with no success.

I started juicing beets, carrots, celery, lemon and apple every morning and drinking it down immediately.

Since I've been juicing, it's been three months now, my OP is down to 16 from 30. I've had my eyes checked twice so far and it's still normal. Thought I would share in case anyone else is as frustrated as I was. Juicing may not be the most convenient thing to do every day but the results are worth it.

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Graviola Can Produce Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease, So Be Careful

Mothman777 (Dublin ) on 08/11/2020
0 out of 5 stars


Graviola can produce some symptoms of Parkinson's Disease, so be very careful how you use it and for how long.

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Silicea 6c for Anal Gland Issues

Deirdre (CT) on 08/11/2020
5 out of 5 stars

My elderly dog started having anal gland issues - leakage and was licking his rear end constantly.? I recently moved to the area and haven't found a vet yet so I researched remedies on Earth Clinic and the net and found a great article about Silicea 6c for Anal Gland leakage. I bought it online and promptly tapped 2 pellets into the side of his mouth to dissolve as soon as I got them. (Didn't touch the pellets). I repeated this twice a day.

His issue was better in 24 hours and solved in 3 days. What a fabulous remedy.

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Neighbor Helping Neighbor

ORH (Ten Mile, Tn) on 08/11/2020

HI U OLE PATOOTS DOIN, ORH here and I have a yarn to spin. Fruit trees loaded with limbs breaking, but we too old to harvest as we have in years past. Made a deal with a neighbor where he picks the fruit and we share..... one for him and two for us. He called to thank me and know his wife is sickly. He told me that a neighbor down the road is going to turn these apples into sauce, jelly, etc., on halves. Do what? He said he would introduce her to me next week. ORH ain't dumb, regardless of what most think. What I am going to propose is that he pick and she process and we all share 1/3 each. No one in this county has a farm like ours. I planned it 30 years ago and it is now the envy of all. Problem is ....we too old to reap the harvest. Never thought I would get old. It is our farm and now 3 families are going enjoy the fruit. My survival sermons have gone unheeded except for one young fella down in Alabama. His dad was one of my buds that worked for me in Selma. He and his family will survive what is coming. He is smart enough to listen to my counsel. So what have we learned with this tale?

.......... LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF. Give things away and they will come back by the multitudes.

Out of spit.


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Seeking Help With Paralyzed Vocal Cord

Fox (Texas) on 08/11/2020

Does anyone happen to know of anything that might help a paralyzed vocal cord? My wife has had trouble swallowing and speaking. Her ENT discovered an enlarged lingual tonsil that was removed surgically. During her recovery she became extremely fatigued for about 3 days, and both her surgeon and her primary doctor believed she had a viral infection, but it was never confirmed.

3 weeks after her recovery from surgery, she finally had her follow-up with her ENT. During her exam, he noticed that one of her vocal cords was paralyzed. We don't know if this was the problem all along, if it happened from the surgery, or from the suspected viral infection during recovery. The ENT scheduled a MRI to see if they can discover the cause, but in the meantime is there something that might help or speed along a recovery from this?


Re: Serious Knife Wound on Hand Needs Healing Advice

Cindy (Illinois, Usa) on 08/11/2020

I would use DMSO. 50% - half water and half DMSO and soak repeatedly until repaired.

For such wounds, I pack them as soon as possible in cayenne powder and wrap. In this case, as it's been so long, I would actually try soaking in 50% DMSO and 50% warm cayenne tea.

I can't test it myself, but based on reports of cayenne on open wounds, I suspect it, somehow, provides a sort of bridge between damaged tissue that connects it to its own kind. Quite precisely, judging by reports of the lack of scarring. It may be able to do the same, internally. But, as I've said, I've never had an opportunity to test my theory.

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Re: Magnesium, CoQ10 for Atrial Fib

ORH (Ten Mile, Tn) on 08/11/2020

TONYA, if my Tractor Driver will allow, I kiss you right in the mouth. I will try this, because nothing I do is working. Thank you.


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Serious Knife Wound on Hand Needs Healing Advice

Gem (Wisconsin) on 08/11/2020

Please I need personal opinions on how else I can get my hand to heal. On June 1 my knife got stuck, when released my knife spit out at me & took the tip of my left pinkie off at an angle going towards my ring finger. Somehow I got my ring finger jammed in with my pinkie which resulted in swelling between the 2 fingers at the palm. I found out I had also ripped off a bit of the top layer of skin on the back side of my pinkie. Bruising also.

It took 2 months for my scab to fall off. I have a scar & nerve damage (feels like a burn). My pinkie still will not bend more than maybe 20% of the way down. Saw doctor 3 times so far. I have stiff joints and Dupuytren's Contracture of hand.

I have been trying Magnesium supplements, magnesium lotion, different essential oils. What else, other things, other ways can I try to heal the stiffness, tendons, nerves, swelling?

Blessings ??


Re: Cumin Oil for Allergies

Lenny (Dubai) on 08/11/2020
3 out of 5 stars

Hi Bonnie, glad to know you have cured your asthma and allergies. I have the same condition for the last 5-6 years and in constant medication. I am taking black seed oil 1 tsp with half tsp honey 2x a day for 1 week now but unfortunately do not feel its effect on my asthma and allergy symptoms.

How long did you use black seed oil before you notice any improvement?

Thank you for your response and I wish you well.

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