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Re: Wheat Sprouts Helped Cataracts in Dog

helen (australia) on 04/15/2021

Sorry, I know this is 2 years later, but I am wondering if this was a Dr wheatgrass? and did you give this orally? Thank you for your time. I have a 14 yr old Standard Poodle. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Re: Colloidal Silver for Lung Issues in Pets

Bonnie (Richmond, Virginia ) on 04/13/2021

All the tests done on Colloidal silver were done before the nano technology came along. This is just some food for thought.

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Re: Lubricating Eye Drops, Massage for Cherry Eye in Dog

curly (ON) on 04/12/2021

Nice to know that the cherry eye went off. I am just curious if it never popped up anymore since then. Thank you. I have a 7 month old Shih Tzu and noticed her cherry eye when she was 8 mos. On and off from that time. Appreciate your feedback.

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Omega 3 for Fur Loss Help?

Kat B. (Mt Shasta, Ca) on 04/12/2021

Unusual amount of shedding. Was going to try 1000mg of fish oil once a day.. does this sound like a possibility? It's helped in the past with other dogs. She weighs 26 lbs

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Re: Can I Use the Ivermectin I Already Have for My Dog?

Linda (FL) on 04/12/2021

I took ivermectin for scabies orally and used a lot of it. I took the tablets so you would have to know the dosage before using it but it will work.

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Re: Can Castor Oil be Used for a Tumor in the Mouth?

Heidi (Georgia) on 04/08/2021

I would not put it in your dog's mouth. When dogs ingest the oil, it is toxic to them and should only be used externally and in small amounts. If I were you, I would use CBD oil in his mouth. That would be a safer thing for him and it should shrink the tumor.

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Re: Sialocele Remedies Needed for Young Dogs

Mama (TN) on 04/08/2021

Dear Lucus,

I would try massaging the cysts with a bit of castor oil a couple of times a day.

Also, see Earth Clinic's page about using turmeric for all sorts of things in pets, including cysts.

~Mama to Many~

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Sialocele Remedies Needed for Young Dogs

Lucus (Hyderabad, Telangana) on 04/07/2021

I have two puppies that are suffering from Sialocele. They both are young, and I don't want to have surgery for them so so kindly give me information about natural treatment for them.
EC: Definition: A sialocele is a cyst filled with a collection of mucoid saliva in the tissues surrounding a salivary gland.

Re: Tips for Constipated Cat

Research Hound (Midwest) on 04/05/2021

I think your cat's issue could very easily be solved with just switching him to a raw diet. A single cat would literally only eat a few ounces of raw meat a day. The rule of thumb is around 3% of ideal body weight. Raw meat is what cats' bodies are designed to eat in the wild (birds, mice, rabbits, etc.). Their bodies are designed to get their moisture from their food, which is why kibble of any kind is so awful for them. It's dried up carbs basically, which is completely opposite of what nature intended cats to eat. Their bodies are in a constant state of dehydration, which is why so many cats have kidney failure as they get older, plus a number of other health issues. Lean raw meat like chicken thighs, pork loin, turkey, rabbit, quail, etc. would all be excellent sources of protein for a cat. They do need a small amount of organ meat, including liver, and bones, but that's easy to manage via chicken wings or a cornish game hen. Liver and other organs can be purchased separately and alloted in a few days' food and then re-frozen. They only need a very small amount of bone and organs added to their diet to make it complete. I have seven that I feed raw and most have never been to the vet once I took them in and had them spayed/neutered. All have excellent bathroom habits, teeth, shiny coats, ideal weights, etc. Other than a bit of extra time, there really are no negatives to feeding a cat raw, especially if you want to stay out of the vet's office and have a cat that lives a long and healthy life.

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Re: Lyme Vaccination Side Effects

Kerri (Fl) on 04/05/2021

So sorry to hear about the damage to your dogs! Please try a little charcoal mixed in their water. You might be surprised that they prefer it. Mine do. It is worth a try...please do!

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Lyme Vaccination Side Effects

Candixe (Wisconsin) on 04/04/2021
0 out of 5 stars

I went to the union grove vet who I will never take my dogs to anymore in Wisconsin. The guy pushes vaccines like crazy and when I told him not to give my dog a vaccine not needed for whooping he cough, he took my dog in the back and did it anyway and then I got pissed, and he apologized. Nonetheless, since having the Lymes vaccine which was pushed on us, our dogs have never been the same. For the first time in 5 years they fought twice and the one hunting dog has been NUTS since getting it. She barks at everything and cannot calm herself down. Its like her brain is on fire. I'm really angry that the vet field is going as same as AMA with fake health via vaccines...making our animals more ill with latent viruses and god knows what else is in the vaccine. It should be law that ALL ingredients are listed just like FDA demand ingredients on packaging.
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Ron's Chipped Tooth Remedies for Dogs (New Page Created, Thank You!)

Ron Paxton (USA) on 04/03/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Stop feeding any sweet/ acidic scraps. No fruit. No tomato. No wheat/breads. Nothing pickled. No potatoes or meat treated with vinegar.

Soften food with warm water daily.

Remove all hard chew toys for a while.

Put bone powder supplement in food; naturelo makes one bone strength is what it's called, other brands too; check amazon. Plant-based is best

Use equal parts black walnut powder, horsetail powder, liquid coconut/olive/ avocado oil, the bone powder, calcium bentonite clay (sodium bentonite could pull calcium from teeth if not buffered right).

Add 1/8 tsp of potassium bicarbonate. If you don't have that use baking soda. We need bicarbonates.

Add 1/8 tsp of borax, preferred to get food grade off amazon, use what you can get though. This adds the important boron to the mineral mix

Add a touch of celtic or himilayan sea salt, or other seas salt. No table salt.

Add a few drops of Lugol's iodine.

Add a few drops of magnesium oil (if mixing yourself; by volume: 60% magnesium crystal to 40% h2o) - or use a few tiny single crystals of epsom salt.

Stir up in glass or plastic container you can seal up tight. Do not use metal lid. Only plastic. If using ball jars, get the plastic screw on lids by mainstay or ball at walmart or menards or online. Could use a pill bottle. If only have metal lids use a layer of wax paper or seran wrap between lid/ ring and the glass / contents...because the clay will desiccate the metal out of the ring and through the foodsafe coating under the lid, too.

If too thick add a touch of pure water or more oil. Do not use canola or vegetable oil. Dangerous and usually have allergens to dogs in them.

If the tooth is abscessed or infected, use a pinch of fresh crushed (preferred), or powdered garlic to really crush the infection..

Clove powder can be added for pain relief, though not all dogs will like the taste or smell, may pose difficulty. I would keep the clove powder out of the main paste and add a touch right before brushing directly to the brush.

Brush your dog's mouth with the mix. If they don't take it, keep a small cup of extra oil nearby to dip the toothbrush w toothepaste into ; to make it palatable

If you have st John's wort oil, a single drop added to the paste just before brushing will serve to remove the pain. I don't recommend cayenne. If you don't have the oil. Crushed an aspirin and use a pinch to 1/4 of the powder in the paste depending on the dog size..only if they're obviously in pain though. Do not use much for small dogs. Do not use aspirin or any other otc pain reliever for dogs more than once every other day. My vets all tell me a pain killer stays in a dog's system 48 hours. Liver failure can occur if you dose too soon.

That is why homeopathic remedies are a must for pain control in domestic animals because herbs and medication can easily hurt them if not dosed correctly. Homeopathy cannot hurt anyone or overdose, ever. Harmless.

My dog chipped her tooth to the nerve and was in severe pain..

I started her off with hypericum 200c 4 times a day for two days. I gave arnica 30c the second day, an hour or so after each hypericum dose

Hypericum 200c is a general painkiller.

Arnica montana 30c is a nerve damage preventer, healer, and nerve pain reliever, and is good for bruising/ swelling.

Hypericum 200c is very strong..

After two days her pain was no longer apparent and she let me touch her teeth more readily and brushing became easier.

I switched to hypericum 30c since the pain was fewer and less frequent. Most homeopaths say if you aren't sure, start with the 30c strength. I kept up on the arnica. We hare 8 days out now. On the 3rd day, her tooth was white again, after turning yellow then almost brown beige. The layer under the enamel that became exposed and began to rot was now healing itself over at a rapid rate, thanks to the herbal paste, loaded with remineralizing herbs and minerals. The nerve ending that turned black was now shrinking and receding under the layer and back into the tooth, the black spot was going away. And her gums were not only no longer bleeding, but the inflammation was totally gone on day 6. With no more swelling or redness on her gums at the tooth anymore.

The most important for the tooth paste is the horsetail and blackwalnut, and clay to keep consistency. Other stuff can be left out if tight on cash. Black walnut and horsetail have so many minerals beneficial to bones and remineralization of teeth.

I now have her on hypericum 30c and arnica 30c once a day still, to mitigate and residual pain as the nerve continues to heal. Arnica is indicated often for nerve damage and healing. I will continue for 3 more weeks the toothpaste daily and the homeopathic remedies.

I just wanted to share what I found and that it worked wonderfully on an upper cracked molar in my dog's mouth, 1/3rd of the tooth came away and exposed her nerve and began to rot with plaque fast..

Tip; cloves will kill the pain if you cant get aspirin/ st johns wort or hypericum; but not all dogs will allow cloves to come near their snout..

I would use this remedy for myself. This remedy is a compilation of research I found that worked for other people confirmed, i combined the best ideas and tried myself with very good result.

If the dog will not allow brush in its mouth, try dipping the brush clean in some coconut oil/ coconut butter or olive oil and let them lick the brush and make friends with it..

Then try to brush. Give the dog a small treat each time they allow you to brush a little bit to make them friends with the brush.

If still cannot brush. Get the paste on your fingers and coat their gums with it. If they won't even let you do that, get them to eat a bit of the paste out of a bowl or plate somehow. They need the mix in their mouth, but best to get it right on affected teeth/gums. Eventually will have to coat these areas.

As for dosing the homeopathic remedies: I suggest getting the remedies in pellet form, dumping a few pellets into the lid, lifting the dog's jowl/lip up near the tooth, and quickly tossing the pellets from the lid onto the gums anywhere with a quick flicking / chucking motion. Liquid remedies can work, but most have alcohol and it will make an unpleasant experience for the dog to have alcohol in their mouth. Look for only liquid homeo remedies preserved in glycerin instead.

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Re: Remedies for Cushing's Disease

Harry C. (Glassboro, NJ) on 03/31/2021

We are trying 1 1/2 mg melatonin and hmr lignans. Everything is priced right. Take a look. This is working for us

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Re: DMSO, Hydrogen Peroxide Caused Dog's Skin Tag to Fall Off!

Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 03/30/2021

Brilliant! That's very interesting. I recall just barely touching a horrible weeping hot spot on my dog's neck with a cotton ball with some apple cider vinegar on it before he bolted - wasn't even on it for a second - and how it had dried up by the next day.

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DMSO, Hydrogen Peroxide Caused Dog's Skin Tag/Wart to Fall Off!

Deirdre (CT) on 03/30/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Just wanted to report PHENOMENAL results using DMSO and 12% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide on a skin tag/growth/mole on my 15 year old dog's head.

Thanks to whoever wrote in about DMSO and Peroxide combo in EC's pets section. Inspired me to try this remedy combo.

Note: I tested this out on myself first (and am still using it) to make sure there were no side effects like burning and am happy to report there aren't any side effects with this concentration other than white skin on fingertips if I hold a supersaturated H202 cotton ball to an area fon my body for over 8 minutes. This disappears an hour or two later.

The Remedy:

I simply added a few drops of DMSO to a small dish containing 12% FGH2O2 and applied with a qtip to the mole on the top of my dog's head the first night. The mole started to flake apart within a few hours after application.

The second night, I held a cotton ball doused in the same mixture on the spot for a minute.

To my utter amazement, the growth simply fell apart and off his head right then and there!

Now, the vet had frozen this same mole off his head last October and it caused him considerable pain at the time. It also took 3 weeks to disappear, during which time it bled from time to time. Then it grew back a few months after that.

So imagine my hoorah when this ugly looking thing just fell off after such a short time. No blood, no pain. So amazing. I should have taken pics, but I didn't think it would work that fast.

I continue to use this combo on another skin tag near his bottom lip and also on my other 15 year old dog who has a few benign cysts on her face and neck. Can't tell if it's going to work. They seem to have shrunk a bit but hard to say. However, definitely not the dramatic instant cure like the skin tag/mole. So the success of this remedy really depends on the type of growth it is.

P.S. Would 3% peroxide be strong enough to achieve an almost instantaneous cure OR just the peroxide on its own (without the DMSO)? Not sure about that. Try it and let us know. I'm happy with the 12% after testing it extensively on my own skin for 5-10 minutes at a time.

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Re: Slippery Elm Helps Dogs With Stomach Issues

Jacalyn (New Hyde Park, NY) on 03/30/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Yes, slippery elm is working g for my 18 yr old min pin chihuahua who is 8 lbs. He has an inguinal hernia that the vet checked and said it is not giving him any physical discomfort and does not recommend surgery at his age.

He was having vomiting and diarrhea for 3 days straight. The vet prescribed antibiotics and cerenia for vomiting. Did blood work and it is totally normal. These meds stopped it immediately for 7 days of use as prescribed. 4 days later my dog started to have diarrhea again in the middle of the night but no vomiting. His meals are always split morning and evening. Was giving him bland diet all along which consisted of boiled chicken, rice, eggs, pumpkin. Started researching slippery elm for dogs with GI problems with good results.

I give him half of a 200 mg capsule of slippery elm mixed with evening meal and it has worked. Hasn?t had any diarrhea for 3 days now. He is going normal. His appetite has always been great and he is very active and alert for his age. I am hoping this will continue to work for him.

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Using Diatomaceous Earth (DE) in the Yard

Jan (Victoria BC) on 03/30/2021

Years ago, I read it only kills the hard shell insects like fleas, ticks and maybe scorpions. Doesn't harm bees etc.

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Re: Remedies Needed for Torn Ligament

Martha (Portugal) on 03/28/2021


My dog hurt her leg and an ex-ray showed torn ligaments and the knee displacement........vet suggested surgery at a cost of 1000 euros. I have aversion to any surgery so I used diatomaceous earth and turmeric......the earth is silica and the turmeric for inflammation. I mixed it with water and put in her food......took awhile but she walks and runs fine now.

Good luck with your dog!

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Re: Borax and Peroxide Treatment for Cat Mange

Terri (Indiana ) on 03/28/2021

I also just spent almost $250 at vet and the treatment they gave isn?t even working. Instead it is spreading. I tried the Apple Cider Vinegar sponge bath a couple days ago. And I just did the borax/peroxide bath last night. I will do another borax/peroxide bath this week and see if it?s helping before I take her back to the vet.

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