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Re: Tumor in Dog

Deirdre (Connecticut) on 10/16/2021


Yes, my golden's tumor was enormous at the point I started treating her with Fenben. I also thought that some of the things I tried over the summer made it bigger, but who knows for sure. Tumors can grow fast.

Here is a newish post about someone using Fenben on a cat internally with good results after 2 weeks.


So sorry you are going through this. It is very tough. Please keep us updated!

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Re: Tumors in Dogs - Fenbenzadole and DMSO Update

Schnauzer's Mom (Los Angeles, CA) on 10/16/2021

Oh no! Sorry to hear about your golden retriever. I wonder if fenbendazole only works in the beginning stages for dogs with cancer. I honestly haven't seen much success on the facebook group for fenbendazole. Most people have put their pets to sleep.

My dog's tumor is really big so the bloodroot paste hasn't been able to form a eschar. I still have 3 unopened packages of panacur and was thinking in applying it topically, hoping it will shrink the tumor. I have posted here before that I made the mistake of applying castor oil + turmeric on the tumor and 3 days later it was much bigger. I am afraid of getting the same outcome if I apply fenben topically.

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Help for Cat Ear Infection

Rob (Kentucky) on 10/16/2021

Povidone Iodine 10%. 2 drops used in the ears. Massage around the ear so it goes deep into the canal. This works on both humans and animals.

Hesperian Guidelines in Developing Countries are as follows:

Give antiseptic ear drops such as vinegar or povidone iodine (betadine).

For all ages: 2 drops in the ear, 2 times a day for 2 weeks, then give 2 drops in the ear, 1 time a day (before going to sleep), for several weeks or months til the issue is resolved.

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Ted's Borax and Peroxide Mange Cure

MDS (Canada) on 10/14/2021
3 out of 5 stars

I'm several weeks into this treatment with my dogs and not seeing any difference yet. I've washed them each time before I treated them. Put the treatment in a spray bottle and parted the fur to spray their skin and then work it in more with my fingers. My poor black boarder collie is turning orange from drying in the sun! I'll keep at just cause I don't know what else to do but at this point I'm skeptical.

Help for Cat Ear Infection

Jgny (Thousand Islands) on 10/14/2021

There's an ear powder called fresh ears, its the only thing that has helped our golden retriever's ear problems. You can search online for the product. And the jar lasts forever! And it's an all natural product!

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Cat Ear Infection

Stephanie (Long Valley, Nj) on 10/13/2021

My cat has a fungal ear infection. He has black waxy debris, and the vet told me last year he has a fungal ear infection, but he was acting fine, and I didn't have the money for the medicine, so she cleaned his ears. Now his ears are hurting him, and he is miserable, uncomfortable, scratching his ears, tilting his head, sleeping a lot, and doesn't want me to pet his head. I can't go to the vet because I am severely immune compromised, so I am hoping someone can suggest what medicine, and natural treatment for inside the ear, and oral medicine. If I give him antibiotics would that help a fungal infection or do antibiotics cause more fungus? He is 12yrs old and weighs 11 lbs. Indoor cat.
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Re: Fenbenzadole + for Feline Nasal Cancer (Adenocarcinoma)

suzabelle (WI) on 10/13/2021

You have no idea what a gift your post is to me and Hobbs, my cat. Thanks and so happy to hear you found a way thru this. I will be using this info and sending you gratitude.

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Re: Borax for Dogs

Beta (Sky) on 10/13/2021

Boric acid and Borax are the same thing, BUT boric acid is ground into powder, whereas Borax is more coarse. So it can't be measured the same. Both Borax and Boric Acid are used in eye washes and contact solution. So dangerous ha ha. You would get a lot more boric acid if you tried measuring it the same. Just like you get a stronger cup of coffee, if it is ground into powder. Stick with Borax, and you will know the correct measurements.

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Tumors in Dogs - Fenbenzadole and DMSO Update

Deirdre (Connecticut) on 10/13/2021

Hi Schnauzer's Mom,

Thanks for asking for an update. I have been meaning to do this.

Initially, I thought the Fenben was working. But I think both my dogs' advanced age worked against them.

Similar to your experience, one of my dogs stopped eating his food if I put it in there.

I had to put my golden retriever to sleep a couple of weeks ago. I think the Fenben gave her some energy. She didn't mind it at all and would lick it straight from a bowl if I offered it to her. However, because she was bed-bound with a massive lump on her should joint at the point that I started fenben and not getting any exercise, I don't think there was much chance of it working.

On my other dog, I was applying the Fenben to the anal area tumor every day but didn't see much shrinkage. So I stopped that protocol last week and returned to applying a light layer Gallixa cream, which can shrink tumors in horses, with DMSO 1-3 times a day.

As to whether the Gallixa is working... not sure what's happening inside but it has not gotten any bigger on the outside.

I have learned a lot these past few months! For those with animals that are constipated (or in the case of my dog, who has a tumor in the bum area and can't feel when he needs to go to the bathroom), holding wet paper towels that are warm, but not too hot, to the bum area will stimulate them to go. They cool down fast so you might need to do a second time for it to work. One of the vets I have been told me to do this (actually with a piece of cotton from a large cotton roll that the vets supply) to get the antibiotics working in that area a couple of months ago when he had an anal abscess, and I have carried on with his advice to get my dog to go to the bathroom. It works phenomenally well and he I can tell he feels better when that area stays as shrunken as possible.

One thing you might try is applying a 50/50 organic apple cider vinegar and water formula near your dog's tumor and on the stomach where there is the least amount of fur. I have been doing this with my dog to help his bladder and he looks REMARKABLY better almost immediately after I do this! I think the alkalizing effect is very helpful. As a plus, they don't get an upset stomach like they do taking Apple Cider Vinegar internally.

I am also continuing to give my dog 2 tablespoons of colloidal silver 20ppm in his food twice a day. The CS definitely helps his immune system.

Please let us know how it goes with your pup.

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Re: Tumors in Dogs - Fenbenzadole and DMSO Update

Schnauzer's Mom (Los Angeles, CA) on 10/12/2021

Hello Deirdre, are you still applying the dmso + fenbendazole topically? What changes have you noticed?

I have been giving my dog fenbendazole internally but he is refusing food if he can smell it in his meal. I had to give it a break. I honestly don't see much change since I started it, I was getting some results with bloodroot paste. I was hoping panacur would shrink the malignant tumor a bit.

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Fenbenzadole + for Feline Nasal Cancer (Adenocarcinoma)

DMSL (Howell, MI) on 10/11/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Feline Nasal Cancer - Adenocarcinoma

While I am hesitant to say with absolute confidence that my cat is cured, I wanted to post this because I know how heartbreaking it can be to have an animal diagnosed with cancer and feel completely helpless. I spent countless hours searching Earth Clinic as well as the internet for whatever small tip I could find to possibly help my cat and as it now appears that after about 3 months on this medication, it is nothing short of miraculous, all thanks be to God for answering my prayers.

My cat started having what appeared to be severe congestion about August or September of 2020. We had him to the vet several times, they always said it was upper respiratory and gave him several different types of antibiotics. Nothing helped. They wanted me to see a specialist but I had already scheduled an appointment a month earlier with a "cats only" vet, board certified.

We figured we would take him in there before going to a specialist. In early December 2020 we took him in, they sedated him and found a small growth at the back of his throat, removed it and the biopsy can back negative just before Christmas last year. We were overjoyed, he was his old self again and started eating normally, chasing his sister and just being the lovely soul we adored. Because he couldn't smell through his nose with his congestion, he wouldn't eat and we were syringe feeding him. We thought we were out of the woods.

However, in late March of 2021, we noticed he was snoring very loudly when he slept and started sounding congested again. I called the vet back and by the time we got back in, his nasal breathing was extremely blocked again and he had stopped eating wet food but would still eat dry food, but just not as much. Once again the vet sedated him to see if the growth was back, it was not but he stopped breathing during the procedure. Thankfully they were able to get his breathing started again and they did a nasal flush to try to see if they could get some discharge. They were able to get a small piece of tissue and said it didn't look good. The biopsy confirmed it was adenocarcinoma.

We were heartbroken.The vet suggested chemotherapy and radiation but since he was not a good candidate for sedation, radiation would have been out of the question and as we had a dog with throat cancer several years ago that we had radiation on, we decided the quality of life during that process just wasn't worth it. We did one round of chemo in early April of 2021 and saw absolutely no change. Even the vet indicated she did not feel it would be successful and that there was really nothing else they could do. I was determined to try to find something to help him, we had him on everything, Essiac Tea, Cat's Claw, Omega 7, Astaxathin, Apricot Kernel, Turmeric, and many different kinds of Chinese herbs and medicinals.

He was still eating Party Mix but we were struggling to get enough nutrients into him to supplement the Party Mix. We let him eat the Party Mix feeling that as long as he wanted to eat, we would give him what he would eat. He couldn't smell anything so he wouldn't eat, he would just walk away, no matter what we tried.

We bought the best quality canned food we could and added Cordyceps, Beef Liver, Nutritional Yeast, Beta Glucan, Transfer Factor, Vitamin E, and Aloe Vera Juice and blended it all in a NutriBullet until smooth and syringe fed him several times a day. His nose started running in late May, a thick, green mucus. We had to wipe it several times a day, which he hated.

We kept this up hoping something would kick in. About mid July, he was eating even less and fighting us on giving him his syringes which left us feeling like we were going to have to make a really hard choice soon. Around this time I was searching YouTube and ran across a video called "Cancer Treated with Animal Deworming Medication", by Veterinary Secrets. I watched it and then watched a video with a man cured of stage 4 lung cancer with the same medication (Joe Tippens cures Terminal Cancer with Pet Medicine). We decided that since our boy was going downhill, what did we have to lose. I went to TSC (Tractor Supply Company) the next day and purchased the dewormer (Fenbendazole). I bought it in liquid form (Safe Guard Goat Dewormer) thinking the liquid would be easier to administer and then I had to try to figure out the dosage. I search and search online and finally settled on about 1.4 ml in a small syringe. He promptly spit it out and threw it up. We then decided to put it in a vegetarian capsule which I got on Amazon. Filled up the capsule, popped it in his mouth after he had some food and he held it down just fine. The recommended dose was once per day for 3 days, then off for 4 days.

We did this for two weeks and noticed that on the days he got the medication, he seemed to feel better. Don't know if that was just wishful thinking but he was sleeping better and his appetite picked up some, still just the Party Mix on his own and still an extremely runny nose. About week three we noticed that on his days off of the medication, by the second day, he was noticeably, not feeling as well as the days he got the medication and it was taking longer for him to "bounce" back on his med days so we decided to keep him on it for 4 days and try 3 days off.

Still noticed he went downhill without it. We switched to 5 days on, 2 days off and this seemed to work best for him. We continued his syringe food and he seemed to be feeling better.

We did supplement his diet with Milk Thistle to help his kidneys and liver since the Fenbendazole is hard on the liver and also added Modified Citrus Pectin, which is supposed to help keep cancer cells from clumping together. He also receives 100 ml of Sub Q fluids (Lactated Ringers) daily to help flush the toxins out of his body. He gets one capsule per day of IP6, Boswellia, Omega 7, CoQ10 with PQQ and 2.5 mg of Melatonin with 3 drops of CBD oil at bedtime.

We also would use Saline drops in his nose, sometimes with Hydrogen Peroxide mixed in and sometimes we put a couple drops of DMSO directly in his nostrils to help him sneeze and clear out his nose. He also received two Nebulizer Treatments a day with saline and hydrogen peroxide to try to help clear his nose. Nothing seemed to clear it though.

About the end of September we hit a wall, he didn't want to eat much again and his nose seemed more congested than ever. He just seemed miserable. On a Thursday afternoon, I put a couple of drops of saline with hydrogen peroxide in his nostrils and he got a nose bleed. Not too bad but enough to need to be cleaned up. The nose continued to bleed Friday and Saturday, we would take a warm cloth and clean it for him. On Sunday we had to go away for a few hours and when we returned we found him waiting by the door for us, bright eyed and bloody nosed.

We noticed quite a bit of blood on the floor and on the sheet in the bed he liked to sleep in. We got him cleaned up and I cleaned up his bed and notice there was a large glob of something in one of the blood puddles. We couldn't really figure out what it was, we now think it was perhaps his nasal tumor.

Since that night, his nose stopped bleeding, it also stopped running. He went around the house in wonder, smelling everything. He started eating wet food about 2 days later and now, almost 2 weeks later, he eats everything we give him, just like before.

We're not sure what exactly helped but it sure seems the Fenbendazole did something. We figured the vet wasn't able to help him so what did we have to lose and as of today, he is playing and eating and happy.

We are continuing the medication for a month and if he continues to do well, next month we may go to every other day and see how he does. I wanted to post this because I know how desperate I was to find something for him and I am hoping it can help someone else. We believe he hit the wall the end of September because the tumor was either loose in this nose or had shifted, making it harder for him to breathe and he was finally able to get it out. Such a miracle. We don't know if we can call it a "cure", but for now, we'll take it and pray the progress continues.

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Re: Dog With Enlarged Heart

Joy (CA) on 10/12/2021

Did it work for your fur baby? My fur baby has an enlarged heart and we're worried.

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Re: Feline Upper Respiratory Disease

AskMeAboutGMOs (New York) on 10/11/2021
0 out of 5 stars


I'd like to add a WARNING to this. I tried this with my cat and it is too much steam for a small animal. I'm lucky my cat recovered.

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Apple Cider Vinegar for Fleas on Kittens

JLG (Williamsburg VA) on 10/09/2021
5 out of 5 stars

We have used ACV baths when we rescue kittens and cats that are infested with fleas and Dawn and flea shampoo is not working.

We dilute it and let them soak in the water for about 5 minutes and just watch the fleas float or try to run off the cats but we are normally getting them with the flea combs.

The mixture is usually 1/2 cup to 1 quart warm water and letting the cats soak or walk in it using a cup to get the water over the head down their chin, cheeks and using my thumbs to get it under their eyes and top of their nose to ensure no runaway fleas.

We found this as a trick when we rescued the 7 week old kittens infested with fleas and no way to use flea shampoo, capstar or revolution and Dawn was not working.

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Puffing Diatomaceous Earth Into Cat's Ear Got Rid of Ear Mites

Suzy (Abbotsford) on 10/10/2021
5 out of 5 stars

For my cat's ear mites, I used Diatomaceous Earth with a Suction Silicone Baby Nose Cleaner Pump That you can get in the infant section of your store. I put diatomaceous earth into it and it puffs deep into the ear and worked very effectively and easily for getting in deep.
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Cat Suffering Hair Loss Along Spine

Deirdre (Ct) on 10/07/2021

Hi, I would try either raw or freeze dried raw food. One of my dogs had extreme fur loss and it was 100% related to the food I was giving him. Even cooked food didn't help. No home remedies helped him either other than colloidal silver and that only eased flaking skin, not the fur loss.

He didn't like the frozen raw food, so I started him on freeze dried (Small Batch). His fur started growing back within a week but it took a month or two to fully grow back in. No issues since then and it's been a year and a half. We had to change brands recently because he stopped eating it (I think they had a production issue), but I found another high quality freeze dried that he loves. So if one doesn't work, try another brand. I add a little bit of kibble to it for bulk which helps his digestion. Best of luck, let us know how it goes!

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Cat Suffering Hair Loss Along Spine

valeri (fairfax, ca) on 10/07/2021

i have a 10 year old cat who is suffering hair loss along her spine- so far I've tried calendula homeopathic cream, stop sting ointment, and vitamin d3---none of these have alleviated the problem- I will put fresh aloe on her today--- the other day I found 2 fleas- it may be an allergy- she is overgrooming- I rub her down with dilute chamomile tea once a week before grooming her and she seems to like that- I saw the suggestions of apple cider vinegar, aloe etc and wondering about dosages for a cat who is under 30 lbs. -- also - she will not eat raw food any longer- and only wants hard food or tuna-- she only ate raw from when she was a kitten- and always was extremely healthy- my son vaccinated her when he got her but she's never had one since---any advice you can give me would be great---- I am considering not offering her anything but raw and see if she will eat it again- again- any suggestions welcome- thank you

Re: Ear Mite Remedy Help

Sher (Winter Garden) on 10/07/2021

This won't help any of us if you can't remember what it is. Do you know now what it is? It would surely help all of us who are on a limited income. Thanks much.

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Re: Arcane Solution for Yeast Infections

Jessi (Ohio) on 10/06/2021

Would this treatment work on skin yeast infections? On my 10yr cocker spaniel I have his ear infection under control but yeast infection spread to his skin and now raw.

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Update - Turmeric, Manjistha Powder, Moong Dal for Cat's Sarcoma

MokiMom (San Francisco. CA) on 10/06/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Update: The poultice opened up a spread of tumors the size of my palm on the cat's back. I have stopped using the dal poultice because I am focused on keeping the exposed area cleaned out. There are flaps of loosened tumor with large cracks into deeper layers. I'm cleaning with a spray of sterile saline, pressing kleenex into it to remove loose surface gunk. Then I get down in there with MicrosynAH antimicrobial spray, and finally saturate the area with a strong infusion of turmeric and manjishtha and let it soak in. She brightens up and eats well after the treatment. I won't be surprised if she doesn't have long to live but if this comforts her I'm doing it.

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