Hodgkins Lymphoma for Cancer

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Linda Kimball (New Port Richey, Florida USA) on 01/25/2008:
5 out of 5 stars

Brad, my son, was diagnosed at 15 with stage 4 Hodgkins. We knew nothing of alternative cures nor were we offered anything but chemo and radiation. Brad went through both and it almost destroyed him. Brad was in remission for a year and half and then relapsed. We knew at that traditional medicine would not cure him. We chose a gentle alternative therapy that have him 13 months of good life. He was told he had 4. The only way that the true safe cures for cancer are going to become credible is for those of us that know the truth to ban together. Go to Brad's website: bradkimball.com Email me if you want to be counted as a fighter for those that have died from traditional treatment. Keeping The Promise.
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