Essiac Tea for Cancer

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Ruby (Beverly, MA) on 01/24/2011:
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I agree. My father had a friend who was on deaths doorstep with cancer. He had been admitted and looked like a corpse. We brewed essiac tea and gave it to him. He finished several gallons was released and continued to take the tea. That was 7 years ago. He was cured. You have to make sure your source is good though. Also I believe Hulda Clark, that all disease is caused by either a parasite or toxin. Think about it. Laetril (apricot pits) also cure cancer. Laetril from what I've read has a naturally occuring cyanide. It is also found in apple seeds. I don't know a lot about laetril, although it seems harmless to us, I wonder if this cyanide becomes active when ingested against parasites. I'm beginning to think the same thing of essiac. I believe the plants used are obviously an anti-parasitic/detox concoction.

It seems like a lot of herbs that act as such have an incredible effect of improving one's health. I think the diet option is basically starving the cancer, removing what it needs to thrive, while essiac may kill it off directly.

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Sweety (Cartersville, Georgia,usa) on 12/14/2010:
5 out of 5 stars

I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer 3B at the age of 30 with only 3months to live. My husband and I had a friend who was an herbalist and introduced me to the Essiac Tea. I did not tell my doctor what I was doing until one day he said, "what have you been doing, your blood work is better than ever. " That was 12 years ago. My life expectancy was 4 years at most. I have watched all our children grow up and now I am able to spend time with our grandchildren. Take it from me it is a LIFESAVER!!!
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