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High Dose Melatonin

About Earth Clinic

Founded in 1999 by Deirdre Layne, Earth Clinic began as a small energy medicine-focused website. Today, it's a trusted alternative and integrative medicine site with over 45,000 testimonials from our global community who have found healing through natural remedies.


Deirdre is an expert in natural remedies and energy medicine. With a BA in Philosophy from Mount Holyoke College and over thirty years of experience in spiritual healing and folk medicine, she has guided Earth Clinic to become a top resource for alternative medicine.

Deirdre currently resides in Northern Virginia.



Since 2008, Tomer has managed the complex backend of Earth Clinic's website. A self-taught programmer, he began at age 11 on Commodore64 and has spent over 15 years focusing on consumer health websites. Tomer and his family reside in Houston's suburbs.




Robert Dobes


Robert has been instrumental in Earth Clinic's evolution since 2002. An avid karate enthusiast and ice hockey coach, he lives with his family in the South Bay area of Los Angeles.

About Art Solbrig - Writer/Researcher

For over 30 years, Art has been reading scientific studies and testing natural remedies to share findings and improve others' quality of life through Earth Clinic. Art hails from sunny California.

About Ted from Bangkok

Parhatsathid Nabadalung (aka Ted from Bangkok, Thailand). Co-Author, pH Balanced for Life! The Easiest Way to Alkalize

From 2002-2015, Ted was a leading expert on integrative medical therapies for Earth Clinic. Born in Bangkok, Ted spent his formative years in the US, becoming a self-taught expert in biochemistry, allopathic medicine, laboratory science, and integrative medicine. Ted had a debilitating stroke in June 2015 and has since been unable to correspond with Earth Clinic readers. Visit the archive of Ted's remedies at to learn more about our beloved Ted.