Cesium Chloride for Cancer

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Joan (Mission Viejo, Ca) on 07/06/2010:
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Hi, cesium chloride works. I used it on my mom who had pancreatic cancer metastasized to liver (too numerous to count when found). While we started cesium/DMSO (painted on skin as it would be too much for her to take orally) We used it the last 5 weeks and she went thru hospice w/o any pain meds. The nurses could not believe it. After she passed I paid for an autopsy to see if it was working as I expected and the ME said yes, the smaller and medium sized tumors were all dead inside. It works from the inside out and relieves pain. This will be the first thing I try if I get cancer..... She only had 6 chemo treatments that knocked her down so fast. She was diagnosed in July 07 w/ her liver completely full of tumors. Thankfully, she didn't get chemo until Oct. 07 and had IV immune drips and lots of enzymes, Juice Plus, juicing once a day, and other supplements her wonderful integrative doctor recommended. She was in pain, started vicodin.... Started chemo..... Went down hill fast....... Then started the cesium/DMSO and at least was not in pain at the end. It works.... You need your potassium ck'd every 2-3 weeks. Check out cancertutor.com and they have the vendor.

Joan Snow

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