Stinging Nettles: 5 Health Benefits You Need to Know

How to Treat a Sting

Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 01/02/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Oh Boy, are these New Zealand NETTLES so much more powerful than the ones I remember from my childhood days back in the Channel Islands! They were wimps obviously! Wow - the PAIN!! They have a nettle bush in the South Island that can kill you if you are unlucky enough to fall into it whilst staggering your way back to the camp site after a few too many beers at the pub! Anyway, I digress, I was silly enough to take off my gloves after culling some of my "compost bin" nettles because they were seeding and I did not wish them to spread any more you see. My tenant used to make his tea from them by the way. Then I poked around (as you do) in the garden and there must have been a couple of nettles I had missed and I got ZAPPED. Wow! No worries I thought, just slap on some of the old, faithful Rawleigh's Salve and she'll be right mate, no sweat, I'm a tough old Geezer after all.

Well after ten mins. and no improvement, I reverted to ten mins. with the reliable Coconut Oil and I had high hopes! Still nothing! So I ended up putting (difficult to say this bit 'tis true) ordinary, ole, cheepo honey on fingers. Well I have to tell you, that one cut the mustard all right. There was a pleasant throbbing took over from the burning sensation, as though the magic was strutting its stuff and instead of being awake all night re-evaluating my gardening techniques, I slept like the proverbial baby.

So Manuka honey not needed for that one obviously! Shoots a small hole in my pet theory. Back to the drawing board. I must try not to keep doing these experiments on myself. Where is the cat? (Just kidding).

Cheers, Michael