Ribwort Plantain Health Benefits

Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee, US) on 08/30/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Plantain for ripped toenail:

A friend of mine accidentally hit her toe in such a way as to nearly rip off the entire toenail of her big toe. She was in terrible, terrible pain. It is very painful to rip off a toenail!!! I found out that she had done this after about 24 hours. She had not slept well because of the pain.

I told her to try a fresh plantain leaf wrapped around the toe. This is what you do:

Get a fresh plantain leaf and put it in a mug or heat proof dish. Bring some water to boil. Pour boiling water over the leaf. Let it sit a minute or two until limp and bright green. Then run the leaf under cool water until it is cool. Wrap the toe with the leaf. Cover with a bit of plastic wrap and a sock. (You can skip the plastic and let it breathe, you will just need to change the leaf much more often so it does not dry out.)

She did this and it helped her pain so much. She was able to sleep the night she did this.

If you have dried plantain on hand, you could do the same thing. Once in the middle of the winter, my son had a burn the size of a quarter on his arm and it hurt a lot. I scalded some dry leaf, cooled it and put it on the burn (after putting some healing salve on.) Then I covered it with a bandage. This immediately helped his pain. We changed the bandage twice a day and new skin was able to grow very quickly and the plantain did not rip off the new delicate skin as bandages tend to do.

Plantain is so wonderful for pain and inflammation, gentle enough for the whole family, and grows all over the world.

~Mama to Many~