Goldenseal Supplements and Natural Remedies

Nail Fungus
Posted by Kathy (Carrollton, TX) on 08/04/2006

I had toe nail fungus on one corner of one big toe for a few years. Over-the-counter products didn't work. I read that GOLDENSEAL EXTRACT worked, so I tried that. Used an eye dropper and also gently worked some under the nail with a metal nail file. It tended to stain the nail yellow, but it worked. I sometimes used tea tree oil too. And I'm thinking I may have tried hydrogen peroxide or vicks - can't remember right now. I think trying various of these home remedies helps. I also read that PAU D'ARC extract worked too, but I never bought it, since I got rid of the fungus without needing to try something else. Also, made sure the nail was dry before putting on socks and shoes.