Fenugreek Supplements and Home Remedies

Weight Loss
Posted by Maliaka (Detroit, Michigan) on 02/26/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Fenugreek tea helped me lose weight. HI all, I was introduced to fenugreek seeds by a physician that does colonics. He gave it to me for weight loss. Apparently fenugreek lowers blook pressure because it cuts fat cells. He informed me that we have fat on every cell in our bodies and that when you take fenugreek as a tea it cuts the fat on your cells, which is all of them, thus causing you to lose weight as well. The way I take it is to put 1 teaspoon to a teaspoon and a half in a mug and microwave it or you can boil it in a pot and make a larger amount. The best way to take it is as a tea but if you can't stand the taste you can do as I do. I add a tea bag after I have brought the tea to a boil and add suger and lemon juice or u can do honey. It is best if done at least three times a day. However, I was trying to test it out and was only drinking one cup a day. I tried it last year and lost 25 pounds (at one cup a day). I stopped for a while and recently picked it back up and in one week lost an additional ten pounds. All of the weight loss I am speaking of was done just drinking the tea once a day and with no excercise. So imagine what it would do with excercise and a proper diet. I highly recommend it for both high blood pressure and weight loss. Do try it, it works. Good luck and definately give your feed back of how it does for you.

Weight Loss
Posted by Tanuja (Pune, Maharashtra, india) on 05/17/2012

In what form should I consume fenugreek seeds for my breast enlargement? and how would it help me? and in how many days?

Sugar Imbalances
Posted by P (San Diego, CA) on 08/28/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I don't which is working, but the the blackstrap molasses drink seems to have removed my sugar cravings. I tend to snack less, don't peruse the refrigerator as much (like every 20 min or so) to find something to eat. I used to snack on yoghurt a lot, and that's not happening anymore. I think the nutrients in the BSM are dense enough to keep me balanced and are probably filling my nutritional deficiencies. Also, I've been painting with iodine, I'm sure that's helping. I also started fenugreek two days ago, which I've read also helps with sugar imbalances. Diabetes is in my family, so I'm very happy about getting information from your website. What I thought may have been mostly hormonal imbalances may have been sugar imbalances. I feel so alert these days, I notice tiny details and make the bed much faster and neater - a chore that I was never really good at. :)

Posted by George (Houston, Texas) on 03/24/2007
5 out of 5 stars

My girlfriend suffers from bipolar mania and PMS, and I've tried hard to figure out why she can be the most perfect, wonderful, loving girlfriend for months, then turn into a mean, vicious, heartless, remorseless monster and kick me out of the house. Then she started taking an herb called fenugreek to increase milk production while breastfeeding. Within less than two weeks she transformed back into the wonderful, loving woman I fell in love with and it was better than ever! After doing more research I determined that the culprit was a neuropeptide hormone called oxytocin, the love hormone. It's responsible for milk production, bonding, trust, openness, reduction in stress/anxiety, and to some extent libido. It was a beautiful transformation! Apparently there was an intranasal form of oxytocin available previously, but now you have to get it custom made, but fenugreek seems to promote its production. I guess the key is to make sure that she takes it regularly while her oxytocin levels are high and she's still reasonable! Otherwise the bad version of her may refuse to take it!

Posted by Mimi (Usa ) on 01/11/2015

This response to George was uncalled for! He did not indicate ANY of the characteristics you accused him of. As a 64 yr old woman, mother and lover I do not find that kind of attack to be anything but an indictment of the attacker.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Hazaria (Kathmandu, Nepal...) on 11/12/2011


There is nothing to feedback on fenugreekseed which I know this seed as a panacea because it not only for helping for minor disease but for arthritis, cough and gynecological cases

I know it can be a helpful remedy for peptic ulcer but how it is to be used in ulcer? Waiting for reply

Posted by Ryan (Texas) on 05/13/2013

Dear Noni, As a master herbalist, I must disagree with your statements regarding the female response to hormonal fluctuations. It is not normal; or healthy, for a woman to experience such drastic changes in behavior. The main focus of my professional practice is hormonal balancing; for both men and women. When drastic changes in behavior are observed, hormones are out of balance! I would suggest to the OP to seek the assistance of a master herbalist. They will point you in the direction of herbs like black cohash, dong qui, and yes fennugreek, among many other that maid aid your partner in having a healthy functioning hormonal system. Noni, as for your hypothesis on the subject, it appears to be fueled by past hurt and negative experiences. I pray that one day you may release the hostility you have for men and find balance in your mind/heart emotional system. May I suggest starting with a daily intake of St. Johns wort and meditation? Maybe some some healthy emotional release activities ie kempo or dato ryu jujitsu, that combines meditation with emotional release?
May you find health and through health, peace! Dr. R. J. Dansby D. H.

Breast Enhancement
Posted by Aki (Singapore) on 09/19/2011
1 out of 5 stars

Hi, can somebody help me? Just wan to know how long will it take to see the result of fenugreek seeds? I'm really getting frustrated. As I've been drinking the juice of fenugreek seeds for 1 month now. Still --A cup for me. Your reply is very much appreciated. Thank you.

Multiple Cures
Posted by T.S.Rajah (Wimledon, UK) on 12/07/2007

Fenugreek's leafy form belongs to the spinach family. However, its seeds are useful when cooking to combat the flatulence caused by certain foods, such as lentils and cauliflower. Its anti-viral properties mean it also helps against sore throat and mouth ulcers. Historically, fenugreek has been used to treat diabetes and is now thought to reduce blood pressure.

Posted by Ashley (Slc, Utah) on 08/08/2012

Wow... Well said!!!

Posted by Quinn (Mt) on 06/08/2020

I have to agree with Mimi, that was a bit harsh to the OP. I too have felt the deep burning rage and resentment towards male oppressors throughout my life, but I understand every situation and person is different. Over time and through experiences working out issues with my husband, I also came to feel strongly that if this sort of male oppressive energy keeps showing up in our lives there is something in ourselves that needs to be addressed, for me it was bottling up every single emotion in order to keep the peace always. As soon as I quit doing that, and learned to speak up as soon as something bothered me my relationship completely changed into this beautiful partnership and has stayed that way for years. He wasn't being mean for the sole purpose of causing hurt, in retrospect he didn't even realize how nasty his behavior was, and he may never of realized it if I hadn't spoke up. I think back now and if I'd never learned to quit being a door mat, I think it quite likely I'd have developed a disease from drinking the poison of my own emotions. I've watched my Grandmother do this for years and the long list of cancers, diseases, surgeries etc. she's had to survive are incredible. This is not to say that random acts of evil do not exist for they do. What I'm trying to say is being a doormat can be just as much of a problem to ourselves and society as being an oppressor.

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