How to Get Rid of Ants Naturally

Boric Acid
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee, Usa) on 05/24/2016

In a house we lived in a few years ago, our mail carrier used to give my children lollipops all the time. If one happened to get left outside (opened) I would see it another day - black with ants. Ants love lollipops!

So, since we always seemed to have a lot of them (lollipops) around, I used some to make ant traps one time when we had a bunch of ants come into the house.

I put an unwrapped lollipop in the middle of a lid. I put boric acid (found at the hardware store, usually used for roaches, though I have always used it for ants - I have had the same container of it for 25 years!!! ) all around the inside edge of the lid. So, ants had to walk through the boric acid to get to the lollipop. I would leave that alone for days. Ants would come and feed and leave with boric acid on their feet.

After a few days, I would stop seeing any ants. Be warned, at first it would seem the problem was worse, but it always got better and the ants would stop until the next spring and I would repeat the process (not always with lollipops, but always with the boric acid! )

I have heard of mixing coca cola with boric acid to accomplish the same thing. I just was more likely to have lollipops than coke around the house!

~Mama to Many~