West Nile Virus Remedies

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Ruth (Longview, Texas, Usa) on 09/28/2012
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My 66 yr old mother nearly died from West Nile Encephalitis this summer. I want to share what we did to get her (almost) back to her old self. She did have early signs of a rash, headache and fatigue. She then seemed to suddenly come down with what seemed like the flu. She refused fluids and food. Within several hours I found her unconscious on the floor with a very high fever and partial paralysis. Her face was strangely swollen and her eyes were red and glassy. She continued to deteriorate in the hospital, even with fluids and ice packs to control the fever.

We were out of town on vacation so I did not have access to my usual supplements but I did have vitamin C, D, A and B12. I had some DMSO and also some raw garlic. I also never go anywhere without my Lugol's iodine. I was able to find some 3% hydrogen peroxide and also coconut oil. When she would regain consciousness I would force her to drink down what vitamins she could. I would also make her take spoonfuls of coconut oil. I crushed the raw garlic and mixed the oil with DMSO and rubbed it all along her spine. A few times I was able to get her to inhale the h2o2 in her lungs (they originally thought she had pneumonia). I also got her to oil pull once or twice. She was being treated medically with iv antibiotics and an antiviral though it seemed like nothing was helping. She was also getting breathing treatments which we finally figured out were making her worse. After about 5-6 days she finally stabilized.

On the 11th day I was able to take her home. She was still in very bad shape with weakness, fatigue, partial leg paralysis, partial facial nerve paralysis and tremors in her hands. She was down 25lbs. We continued with all the above and added fish oil. We also did some fresh fruit juices (Vegetable juice was too much for her to handle). It took several weeks but by the 6th week she was ready to get back home and was able to care for herself. She will also tell you that she sipped on red wine that she thinks helped kill off the last of the virus.

At this point, three months later, she is around 95% which I think is quite miraculous considering how severe of a case she had. She is usually a pretty healthy person. She takes no medications, she works and she sometimes will even jump on the trampoline with my kids. I think a chronic lack of sleep and stress after the death of my sister a year and a half ago got her immune system down. I hope maybe this information will be useful to someone. A lot of the things we did I learned on this site. I'm so grateful to all who share and those who make this site possible.