Weight Gain Supplements and Natural Remedies

Oats, Bananas, Almond Powder, Boiled Egg
Posted by Reshma (Dubai, UAE) on 04/05/2008
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These are a few remedies that my Dad used on me to make a skinny little girl (me :D) gain weight in like 2 months. -Oats in milk twice a day -Almond powder in milk -steamed bananas (the big yellow ones btw) twice a day -a boiled egg

i hope this works, these are the things i hate to eat the most but yea they help u gain weight. i hope it works. also a little Remmy Martin and pepper in soft boiled egg increases appetite like crazy, dint work on me but did on my uncle though, so try it. the diet mentioned above does not taste like a treat let me warn you. but works like a charm neverthless. oh don't 4get to have ur regular meals along with this. Best of Luck!