Cure Vein Obstructions with Natural Remedies

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Trish (Kansas City, Missouri) on 03/20/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I soaked in 4 pints of 3% store-bought hydrogen peroxide last night for about 20 minutes, while I did a little oil pulling, and noticed this morning that the 'veinyness' in my legs isn't as noticeable. Today I decided to be brave and try the inhalation method...I did two different breaths about 20 minutes apart, 4-5 squirts for each, and then laid down for a nap. I slept for an hour and a half and didn't realize I had even fallen asleep until I woke up and saw the time. I don't even feel that good when I taken melatonin at night. And I woke up with lots of energy. I am also doing the apple cider vinegar remedy so my body is quite 'tingly,' and I'm getting headaches...but these are all signs of detoxification as I have done the Master Cleanse before for ten days and had very similar side effects. The ACV will actually take care of detox headaches if mixed with the baking soda and taken on an empty stomach.