Cure Vein Obstructions with Natural Remedies

Horse Chestnut
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 12/02/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Solution to Deep Leg Pain

For many years I gave my mother the substance "Horse Chestnut" to alleviate the pain of varicose veins. She also had MS and her legs would ache and that problem was different from the varicose vein issue. For that MS aching problem AEP was very effective. (Calcium AEP) I never had any circulation problem or issue with veins. But a few years ago I noticed an aching going down my right leg, especially bad if I had to drive in my car a great distance. It is a deep aching pain. There is a weakening of the muscle deep in my leg...going high toward the groin area. I assumed this problem was sciatic nerve. But the low back was not hurting. I found if I would lie on my side and have my wife apply weight on my leg (heal of her foot)....not rubbing but applying specific weight with her heal into the inside of my leg, that running down my leg it was very sore. Her application of weight was helpful. But it did not cure me.

THEN, it occurred to me that this might not be so much sciatic as a VEIN problem. The cure for that I already knew....Horse Chestnut. Well, I had a bottle right among my many herbals and so I started on three capsules a day. OK.....almost immediately, the pain has gone. Gone. After a year or longer of suffering I tried something I already knew about and had seen my mother use successfully. Which is yet another life lesson....the cure may not be something new you learn, but using what you already know.