Vasovagal Syncope Remedies

Electrolyte Drinks
Posted by Terry (Nsw) on 06/17/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I too suffer from syncope. I have learned not to get up from lying too quickly. Roll to the side, feet on the ground then sit for about 10 seconds. Last time I had some fainting spells I drank some electrolyte drink and it really helped. So the key is to find your triggers and try to eliminate them. Hope this helps others.

Electrolyte Drinks
Posted by Vasalguy (Dallas, Tx) on 01/17/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I suffer from Vasovagal Syncope. It gets the worst when I drink excessive coffee. I've learned that I'm at risk of fainting if I have feelings of extreme light headness when standing. Some people say it's normal, if you stand up quickly which is true. However after one instance of having it and getting out of the hospital where they added two saline water fluid packs via IV drip in my blood to add water/fluids, I was able to get up quickly and move around and felt 100% great.

When they pulled blood, they said my blood was surprisingly thick. They struggled pulling blood, which I think is the ultimate problem with blood not flowing properly to the brain. Not enough fluids. The first thing to consider if you end up in the emergency room or in an ambulence is ask them to add fluids because you think it might be related to dehydration. I had them add it in the ambulence once. Your blood pressure will continue to drop and you may even feel a little cold as they add fluids but you will feel 100% better afterwards.

It is imperative that you cut out all diuretics including coffee. This has been the hardest thing for me because I am so addicted to it. I drink 3-5 cups a day sometimes. It's possible this is contributing to exaustion of the adrenal glands as well that leads to stress and not enough rest to increase the risk of it occuring.

What I have realized is that drinking water is not enough. I in the past have been a big drinker of lots of water and it helps to a point, but I've learned that the water just goes straight through you and sometimes isn't absorbed. Water in nature has electrolytes to improve its absorption. I read in parts of the world where drought is common, there have been kids dying of thirst and in would come the city water trucks and they'd take two handfuls of sugar and a pinch of salt and add it to the water and give it to the kids and they'd be up and running around within 24 hours. Without those, it did not help them.

I later learned that G____ was actually made after the Florida gators football team was having problems with people fainting during practice in the humid 90 degree heat. They were given water but they still fainted. _____ formulated it's original drink based off that and it got rid of the problem for them. I always thought the excessive sugar in the drink was bad, but in extreme dehydration states, it's actually very important.

After getting out the hospital, I continued drinking ____ [electrolyte drink] and whenever I feel syncope coming on related to dehydration from excessive coffee, I find even just one will severely help. Early signs of it for me include extreme shivers. I'll get out of the restroom from going #2 and have the shivers because when you use the restroom, your intestines pull all your fluids and flush them out.

I had a severe syncope once when I was on enemas for constipation. That's when I realized it was definitely related to dehydration. After drinking 3 g____s a day for a few days, the constipation completely went away and so did the syncope.

Drink water and ____, the full sugar one, salt sugar increases absorption, proven in countries with drought. Likely an electrolyte imbalance... Blood flows on water... I had 2 saline water bags added in me in the emergency room.. Felt instantly better for months. It's a problem with not retaining enough fluids. Water alone is not enough during extreme cases. May be triggered by heartburn too, although some doctors think heartburn is dehydration related as well because your stomach draws fluids into your stomach to mix with your stomach fluids to digest. Another reason why you may feel more lightheaded after eating a big meal if you suffer from syncope.

Don't overfill your stomach. The natural instinct is to down as much gatorade and water as possible quickly. Drink it slowly and get a feel for your stomach so you are never near 100%. Just pour a little in at a time.

I find that water with a tablespoon of apple cidar vinegar helps because it can cause you to burp and reduce gas pressure that might be preventing you from relaxing or drinking more fluids properly. Water and lemon also can help. In severe gas situations, I'd drink water with some apple cidar vinegar and take 500mg of magnesium. I bring this up, because heartburn/coughing can trigger it and I've learned that heartburn can be tied to gas putting pressure to push it back up and you cough and syncope.

Ideally you could get more electrolytes by eating more fruits and vegetables to absorb more fluids from natural foods.

If you ever feel light headed at all, sit down immediately. You can save yourself a trip to the emergency room or a concussion by doing this.

I hope this helps others out there suffering from it.