Natural Cures for Vaginal Dryness

Damiana Herb
Posted by Molly (Baltimore) on 04/24/2014

Hi Ladies,

I am nearly 50 and seem to be approaching menopause. My periods are spacing out. I have had an increase in vaginal irritation over the last several months. At first, I thought I was having trouble with reoccurring bladder infections or yeast infections (which I “treated” with natural methods), but over time noticed a sensation that could be described as either itching or burning in the vaginal area. It was becoming more uncomfortable and the feeling was like that of wearing too tight jeans, even though I was wearing lose fitting clothing. Looking here at Earth Clinic, I realized that I am probably dealing with vaginal atrophy or vaginal dryness due to menopause (Maybe it is the same thing?). Since I had some in the house, the first thing I tried was the herb, Damiana, since it increases blood flow to the reproductive organs. I took one capsule morning and evening. It actually worked! If I forgot to take it, the burning would return. Taking a Damiana capsule would help it to resolve in an hour or less. My symptoms are not as severe as some I have read here. It does not keep me awake, though I would notice it more at night. Well, since Damina was working, I decided I must need “more.” So I started to take some Black Coshosh, which is also good for menopause. Probably I should have left well enough alone. That seems to have made my period last longer, so I am quitting that. For the record, Damiana is not recommended for pregnancy, not that most ladies at 50 are too concerned about that, but if some younger ladies try this for the same symptoms, they should be aware. All your stories are so helpful I thought I would pass along mine. Molly