Turmeric for Cancer

Turmeric for Cancer User Reviews
Posted by Carolyn (Port Richey, Fl) on 12/20/2018

Hi, my dog had a tumor removed off her hip and the vet had to go deeper and did not have a good outcome. I researched and found that turmeric which its main ingredient being curcumin shrank cancerous tumors.

I started giving her 1000mcg of turmeric with some sought of fat, coconut oil was recommended in order for it to be more effective and adhere better in he bloodstream.

She went back to the vet 2 years later for just a check up and had no signs of any cancer, no lumps. He printed out a paper saying the same thing I found. That was 4 years ago and she is still acting like a puppy, she weighs 74 pounds and I give her now 1000mcg every other day.

ALSO, a friend, who is in her 80's was given 4 months to live and put on hospice last January. I started her on turmeric with any fat and she is OFF OF HOSPICE and doing very well. In my research, I found that India has the LEAST amount of cancer in the world. India is the highest consumer of turmeric, they use it on everything as a spice. I take it everyday for arthritis. I know the big pharma is getting wind of this because I have seen a commercial on tv for some med with turmeric in it and the prices of turmeric in capsules has gone up. If this isn't proof of turmeric shrinking cancerous tumors, I don't know what is.....