Natural Remedies for Liver Cancer

Baking Soda and Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Tia Nelson (Bozeman, Mt) on 01/19/2017
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Hi my name is Tia Nelson my father had liver cancer and had surgery and got it cut out. Then last summer in Aug he went back to the doctors to check and make sure it was still gone after they cut it out and they told him it had come back so we were trying to find something natural for him to try so one of our family members got ahold of him and told him to try drinking baking soda blackstrap molasses and boiling water mix it all to gather... Now he was gonna go get treatment for it and they took one more MRI to look at it and then they were gonna get ahold of him to verify how big it was and where it was. So they call a couple weeks ago and told him his cancer was gone his liver was totally clear.... So we are sure that the drinks and what we were doing took it away..

So I want to share how to make the drink we were doing and how to do it I think with anyone with cancer should try this and really be positive and believe its working while you do it...

So in a coffee mug put 1 tablespoon of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of blackstrap molasses and boil some water then pour the water into coffee mug and add the molasses and baking soda stir and drink 3 times a day.

He also played tesla healing freq. they have to be 528 hz. He listened to it all day at the house and listened to it at night in bed while sleeping.

He also took 4 1000 mg of vitamin c, 4000 iu of vitamin d3, 1000 mg cayenne pepper, 1050 mg of maca root, 1 drop of iodine under tongue once a day, 1 tsp of silver biotics 3 times a day, immuplex 2 a day follow directions you can order on line... And there was prayer along with this as far as doctors say he is cancer free and they don't believe it so they are still testing to check and make sure.. My father isn't trying to convince anybody he just wants people to know what he did and hopefully it will help someone else just like it did my father. You have to try your hardest to stay positive through the whole thing and believe that its all working and that its going away every time you do a drink and listen to the music.

I hope whoever reads this that has cancer or knows somebody with it will try this thanks and good luck I hope all works as well as it did for my father...............