Natural Remedies for Liver Cancer

Aloe Vera
Posted by Tdc (Washington, Dc) on 03/25/2011
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Worked Temporarily

I recently heard about this from multiple people as my dad was just diagnosed.

This website is very detailed:
For a quick measurement conversion:

300 grams of Aloe = 1. 3 Cups

500 grams of Honey = 2. 2 Cups.

If you are having trouble finding aloe leaves. You can find very large ones at any store selling hispanic products in the section with fruits and vegetables for about $1.50 a leaf. One leaf will give you one batch.

Because it is difficult to measure 1.3 cups of aloe, we just began putting chunks (as described on the site) in the food processor and then meausured out about 1.3 cups. Very important 10 days on 10 days off. You do not want to take this consistently. I do not know how this will help my dad. In the first ten days he seemed to have a lot of energy. But he is still in the early processes of being evaluated medically. He will be undergoing chemo/radiation. I've been reading that taking the aloe mix will significantly reduce the negative side effects but then again, we are not at that point yet. I will keep you updated.

A close friend originally told me about this. Her brother was diagnosed with very advanced liver cancer and given a week to live... he lasted 7 months.