Acne Scar Remedies

Posted by Keloid Acne Scarred (Vermont) on 11/20/2013

I form keloid scars instead of healing properly. Severe cystic acne left me with horrible scars on my face, chest, shoulders and back. Surgery for thyroid cancer left me with a scar that looked like I was wearing a rope necklace.

I had been taking Vitamin E capsules for years. It was the only thing that made any difference, but it was slow. But then I started eating soy veggie patties (Morningstar Farms) for breakfast every day and there was a HUGE improvement in my scars. I stopped taking the Vitamin E capsules and kept on eating the soy patties. They must have much more vitamin E than any other foods, and apparently that is what is missing for normal scar formation in the skin.

Keloid scars are huge raised discolored scars. Now after eating the soy patties for a number of years the scars are flat, and the discoloration of quite a number of them have disappeared as well. The thyroid scar is flat as well.

I feel so sorry for people I see with severe acne scars on their face, because if they ate soy the scars would improve and likely disappear. My scarring affected my entire life and I'm sorry I didn't know about solving the problem with soy products earlier in my life.

I like aloe vera gel and Neemaura neem cream for healing any active acne outbreaks. I had been under a lot of stress and then I had a huge boil (abscess? cyst?) break out on my face. I washed my face with neem soap every day, applied witch hazel to the infected area, and followed that by a big glop of aloe vera gel. It is almost completely healed after only a few days, and the swollen red area which had been about a quarter of my whole face, has shrunk to a small area right around the infected pores.