Tooth Loss Remedies

Oil Pulling

Posted by Shemika (New Brunswick, NJ) on 08/10/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I found your site in June of 2007 because I allowed a dentist to talk me into repairing a chipped tooth, he even claimed he wouldn't do any drilling. But he lied & drilled so deep into my gums a nerve was damaged. I was in non stop pain from the time I left his office dispite the novacane,which got worst after it wore off. I could not sleep & cried every night for a month, almost going to the emergency room but determined not to go back to him and fearful of dentists. After searching the net I tried your herbal remedies for the pain and started oil pulling. And within a few days the pain was gone and the only thing I did to maintain it was the oil pulling. I continued it for about 9 mos and felt the tooth must have healed by then so I stopped oil pulling and about two months later the pain returned but there was swelling this time and I was told I must definately get a root canal asap. Instead I started oil pulling again along with ACV and the swelling went away and the pain stopped again. I also recently found a great book about healing cavities and tooth infections called Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel. He advises what foods to eat to recover from cavites and pressure tecniques to restore the bodies hormonal balance which I barely tried but was amazed that they seem to work right away and I felt a difference. That tooth is now almost 100%. No sensitivity to hot or cold & I can chew any kind of foods no matter how hard, & the tooth no longer feels weeaker than the others. Unlike before when I had to chew certain foods like steak or nuts on the other side of my mouth.

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