Tonsil Stone Remedies

Red Infrared Light
Posted by Anon (USA) on 04/08/2019
5 out of 5 stars

Dear Earthclinic, I hope you can help me put this in the right section. This recommendation has to do with bruxism (teeth grinding) and tonsil stones. I have terrible bruxism and nothing seems to help. I also have tonsiI stones and don't know how to remove them. I never thought these two ailments could be related. But they just might be. I happen to come across "red infrared light". I read that it is able to kill bacteria, fungus, cancer etc when you shine the light upon your skin. I started doing this, and decided to shine the red infrared light by my neck, by where the tonsil stones would be. The tonsil stones give me bad breath, so I figured maybe this red infrared light can kill some of that bacteria. When I did this my bad breath and bruxism literally went away in a day! I have a theory that some forms of bruxism are due to the stress the bacteria in the tonsil stones causes your body. Perhaps its a way your body is reacting to the tonsil stones. Red infrared light seems to have killed the bacteria residing in the tonsil stone AND giving me instant relief for my bruxism. Please share this with your readers as it may help them too. Thank you.