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Posted by Angie (Sparta, MO) on 12/09/2007
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I have been having problems with being so tired the past month or two. I knew it was a low thyroid problem. I ordered some organic iodine from a seller on ebay and within hours have felt a lot better, I'm on my 3rd day and my fatigue is still a lot better.

Posted by Donna (Aspen, CO) on 10/17/2007
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I took one tablet of Iodoral (iodine supplement) a day for a year, my blood calcium and alkaline phosphatase levels rose to above normal. A year later my blood test results were even higher, so the doctor gave me a PTH (parathyroid--which sits right next to the thyroid) blood test, and it was very high. As the only thing that I had changed in my life was taking Iodoral, I quit taking it, and 3 months later all my tests were back to normal. The parathyroid's job is to take calcium out of your bones and give it to the brain, but too much in your blood can mean heart attacks, strokes, and osteoporosis. There really aren't any symptoms of an over active parathyroid until it's very bad...feeling cold all the time, brain fog, are two. If you've been supplementing with Iodoral or iodine I suggest you get your blood calcium level tested, then alkaline phosphatase, then PTH (which is expensive, so save that for last).

Replied by Jill
(Nowhereville, PA)

In response to a post about iodine supplements causing parathyroid problems...the only relation that the parathyroids have to the thyroid is location. In other words, the parathyroids are a completely different organ, with a completely different function, than the thyroid gland. If you have elevated blood calcium, then you probably have a parathyroid tumor, which would cause the parathyroids to overproduce their hormone and cause the blood calcium to rise. Iodine supplements cannot "cause" elevated blood calcium any more than, say, selenium or magnesium or any other mineral can cause elevated blood calcium. For some reason, doctors seem to have an iodine phobia, maybe because iodine supplementation would cure so many lucrative diseases

Posted by Maria J (Orlando, Fl) on 08/06/2007
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Well it's a weird story because I think Iodine helped me and then didn't do so much good. I had a pain like "something stuck in my throat" and the acupuncturist thought it was my thyroid so she gave me potassium iodine drops to drink (20 or 40 a day - remember it is not regular iodine); and these were great to alleviate the pain and gave me the strength I needed to move, because I was in a point of suffering all the symptoms of a thyroiditis or a thyroxicosis; but then I took Ibuprofen and when the swelling of my thyroid was coming down, the iodine felt terrible so I stopped taking it! I really never knew which was the perfect dosage for the potassium iodine drops! I also took kelp, around 20 pills divided in 4 or 5 times in a day and they helped me a lot, but I was never sure if this is what I needed. I end up going to a specialist who immediately asked me to leave the iodine because he thought the help was just psychological, and charged me 250 dollars for saying this! I hope the traditional doctors learn about the iodine to properly help their patients. And I also hope that people who is suffering the hyperthyroid symptoms and hypothyroid too, should consider having some iodine to help ease the pain and problems. What I recommend very urgently is to have a blood test taken meassuring your thyroid levels (TSH and T4 and T3) way before taking the iodine or Kelp, because it can change those results and affect your helath or, worst, doctors might end up giving you the wrong medication - (as it happened to me and thank God they couldn't harm my thyroid too much!). Hope you all get well! Think that you will!

Posted by Anne-Marie (Palm Coast, FL) on 02/04/2007
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While I would not consider myself "cured" of anything, I have found that Iodine..or the lack thereof...causes me to have panic and anxiety attacks. This is a recent (within 3 months) development for me as I have never had panic and anxiety attacks prior. And although I now take Kelp in a Thyroid supplement (for my newly developed Hypothyroidism), My Iodine test (painting a 2x2 in sq on my abdomen) still shows a regular Iodine insufficiency. Interestingly, I also drink protein shakes that contain 30% FDA Iodine each. I drink 2-3 of these each day. Yet, my Iodine is consistently depleted.

Replied by Cat
(Austin, Tx)

make sure that your "protein" shake has no soy! It depletes iodine.

Posted by Mary (London, UK) on 01/20/2007

These poor people need to be treated for hypothyroidism. Brittle nails, falling hair, being deathly pale and being exhausted and tired are all symptoms - as are most of the things you are saying the iodine "cured".

The iodine will help only because it is feeding the thyroid but it may not help completely and they will feel much better if they take a free T3 test to confirm low thyroid hormone. Publishing these instances without proper attribution to the serious health problem they can signify is irresponsible. These are sick people! And they need more than iodine.

Replied by Ted
(Bangkok, Thailand)
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Actually, the T3 method to measure iodine deficiency is not accurate. Another way is your body temperature.

I have seen instances that body temperature is low while T3 is good. In other instances I have seen none of these but a severity of fibrosis to occur. Fibrosis is actually a condition of iodine deficiency but the T3 is o.k. while the conditions was cured after taking iodine. So present medical practice in my humble opinion is primitive. Iodine quenches glycation of protein involved in aging and arthritis and this doesn't show on T3 but is a wonderful way to reduce arthritic pain by allowing the healing to process. Skin pores opening up too large is also cured with an iodine as it stimulates skin regeneration reducing the size of skin pores. I know, I have a huge one on my face and it is mostly cured that most people cannot see it.

So we really have to be practical about it. Analysis is just that, it won't cure your conditions and you will be lost forever in trying to figure out how the T3 is related to oversized pores, arthritic pains, fibrosis, asthma, clogged eustachian tubes, fallopian tubes (preventing pregnancy), where such fibrosis formation are due to abnormalities in skin metabolism. Figuring out why is one thing, getting yourself cured is what we all seek.

Posted by Tel (Dewey, AZ) on 10/07/2006
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Lugol's iodine cured food poisoning in less than an hour: 6 drops in a cup of water. Also cures, Cold, Flu, and the blase feeling, same dose 6 drops in a cup of water... do not take if allergic to Iodine. Dr Clark in all of her books, recomends Lugol's for many things including thyroide problems. It now sells under a prescription in most states. They know we are being healed with 6 drops and it is taking away from their huge profits. Check out

Posted by Elizabeth (Gaston, OR) on 09/25/2006
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I'd seen all kind of Dr. s they said my thyroid was in reasonable limits. The natureopaths had me on tons of herbs saying my thyroid was low. One natureopath put me on thyroid medication which had me in horrible mood swings and no benifits. I found Lugol's when I read Dr. hulda clarks book "a cure for all diseases". I've been taking 4-6 drops a day and my weight gain stopped(I'd gained 65 pounds in 4 months) and I've actually started loosing weight, 10 pounds in the last 3 months. And my mood has returned to normal. I've also been doing the zapping and all the cleanses she reccommends in her book. Thanks.

Posted by Dan (Largo, FL) on 09/16/2006
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For a really insightful viewpoint on iodine, check out this lecture by Dr. David Brownstein ( about iodine and its deficiency relationship to Breast Cancer. Note he also suspects an unproven relationship between an iodine deficiency and Prostate Cancer.

He mentions that the Japanese diet includes 14mg per day of iodine on the average (coastal Japanese ingest even more.) The US RDA is 150 ugs (micro grams) per day -- about 100 times less than the Japanese eat -- and the recommended upper level for iodine is no more than 1.1 mg/day, and they estimate the average requirement to be 95 micrograms per day or about 150 times less than the Japanese consume.

The 125mg Kelp tablets that I have from Vitamin Shoppe, have 225 ugs of iodine in them. Thus, to get to the Japanese level of Iodine (14 mg/day), I would have to take 62 of these tablets a day! Dr. Brownstein also states that iodine is stored in the thyroid which requires 6 mg/day and is also stored in a women's breasts and required for proper breast development. The breasts require 5 mg/day for a 110 lb woman.

And catch this... Breast cancer researchers have to starve test animals of iodine in order to be able to induce breast cancer in any significant number of them. Hmmm...

Another 2 mg/day of iodine is required by the adrenals, hypothalamus, pituitary, and other organs. Therefore, the total required iodine for a woman is 5 6 2 = 13 mg/day. The RDA is 150 ugs per day, so a woman would have to take 86 times as much as this to achieve the 13 mg/day needed by her body, and even more if she had a larger body or bigger breasts. A man has smaller breasts and his prostate requires somewhat less iodine than a woman's breasts. However, a man's body is generally larger than 110 lbs, so this would have to be factored into the total requirements for a man.

Dr. Brownstein states, "Over the last 30 years, iodine levels have fallen over 50% in the United States. Breast cancer rates have risen dramatically. Thyroid illness from hypothyroidism, autoimmune including Grave's and Hashimoto's, as well as thyroid cancer has risen dramatically."

Since the Japanese have so much iodine in their bodies (they're ingesting 100X our 150 ug RDA of iodine), and iodine is essential for dealing with radiation exposure, it makes me wonder what might happen happen if there were a mishap involving massive radiation exposure in a country such as ours where the iodine level is so pathetically low.

And this may well be an important consideration, as cancer rates have been shown to rise after radiation has been released into the atmosphere, which apparently happened quite a bit with the use of depleted uranium (DU) weapons in Iraq in 2003. Background radiation levels were measured at many times normal in England (click this link - - and check the graphs) just a few days after the fighting started in Iraq. Cancer rates in Iraq in 2001 were about 10X what they were before Desert Storm where much less DU was used than in 2003. The big problem is that the effects are global (see: So, the problem for us is that the DU rounds burn up or pulverize and tend to stay in the atmosphere, allowing the "aerosol of sub micron" size to enter the slip-stream and come back to America to bite us all.

Therefore, we all need to be aware of any nutritional and purification techniques which will handle radiation.

I've just upped my iodine intake to 1.35 mg/day (6 kelp tablets of 225 ug each) and I feel warmer already (maybe this will help me burn off my excess fat even faster.)

Posted by Donna (Aspen, CO) on 07/20/2006
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In Dr. D. Brownstein's book "Iodine, why you need it why you cannot live without it" he mentions a way to detoxify. It seems that if we do not absorb iodine--or, if you get symptoms of iodine sufficiency (watery nose, excess saliva, frontal headache, tiny liesons on upper body), it may not actually mean that you have enough. It may be because our iodine receptors in our cells are clogged with fluoride and bromide (as they mimick iodine). You need Iodoral pills or the equilavent amount of Lugol's-- 50mg a day taken all at once with your thyroid med (if you take it). It flushes out the fluoride and bromide. I tried this, the first 4 nights I sweat like pig. I continued the 4 Iodoral pills for one month. I feel great now.

Iodoral can be purchased from or the Optimox website. Even if you absorb (which I did), I think this is good for you. Try the Iodoral for a week - one pill a day- -to make sure it agrees with you first. A rash means an allergy. By the way, you only absorb 12% of what you paint the rest goes up in the's a halogen. Publication #4 at explains why some doctors are afraid of iodine, it was a faulty study-- one study and our health was sacrificed!

Posted by Karen (England) on 04/25/2006
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I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in Feb 2006. I had lost weight, my hair was thinning and I had appalling sweats. I was given medication to regulate the thyroid function, beta blockers to control the rapidity of my heart (up to 139 btm) and to stabilise atrial fibrillation and Warfarin (coumadin) to prevent stroke. After six weeks I was advised by the hospital to have radioiodine treatment (which would make me radioactive for two weeks) and cardioversion to jolt my heart back to the correct rhythym. I know that these prodecures are commonly used and are fairly effective. I definitely didn't want them! I decided to look at homeopathic treatments, which, oddly led me to my local doctor's practice. In my session he prescribed a different natural remedy (the main ingredient being unrefined sea salt). He also said sometimes the iodine is depleted with hyperthroidism. I went home and dug out some kelp that my partner had stopped using. I had only 3 tablets in single doses and my heart beats have returned to normal. I have to admit that they have actually become rather low with a resting beat of 46 btm. I think this is caused by me continuing to take the prescribed medication as well. I have stopped the kelp. I would like to stop the prescribed medication now but need to see the doctor first. My appointment is not for six weeks. I definitely believe that the iodine in the kelp has helped me.

Posted by Lorraine (Charlotte, NC) on 03/27/2006
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I am using iodine for hyporthyroid. Feel better and am losing weight after consistantly gaining weight for over a year. Iodine cured my fatigue, hypoglycemia, dry skin, brain fog. I feel I still have a ways to go. Does anyone know if iodine taken internally or painted will cure acne? My son has tried everything and still no cure for his severe acne. He is 25 yrs old and it's killed his self esteem. Thanks for any help!

Replied by Gabi
(Toronto, Canada)

I reply to "Lorraine from Charlotte, NC". You are asking for cure for acne for your 25 yrs old son. Buy Colloidal Silver at the health food store. Apply to the skin with a finger. You may use a small spray bottle but buy a good quality with that "misty" spray. Spray and leave it to dry. The effects you will see after 2-3 days but it will last up to 6 months in a case if his skin is very oily.

Also washing face with "hot-hot-hot" water helps. Get clean bowl with hot water and try to "dive in" and keep face for 20-30 seconds (do not get burns)!

Good luck. G.

Posted by Ted (Port Orchard, WA) on 02/10/2006
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I use pH Testing tape to test my pH of my saliva. What I read is your saliva should be 7.35 and when I am real close to that, I don't have any shoulder pain at night when I sleep on that side. I learned about 8 months ago that if you're low on iodine, your thyroid doesn't function properly. It affects your mental attitude, like stress, depression and emotional feelings. I was with a lot of stress from my was sent home Aug 18th with 2 weeks to live because all the drugs they had given her the last year had almost destroyed her liver. Also, my mother of 102 years old was in an assisted living place and didn't like it. She was having leg pains, upset stomach and headache. I gave her colloidal silver, change her calcium to EZSORB powder and started putting clear iodine on her throat and in not time she was happy and not having leg pain. To test your iodine level, you put a 1" ring of the brown iodine on your stomach and if it is gone in 24 hours, you're low. I get the clear iodine from Albertson Gro for $1.29 plus tax. I put it on my thyroid under my chin. In 30 minutes the stress feeling is gone. You won't over dose as your body won't take it in if it doesn't need it. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Posted by Lynda (Brisbane qld aust.) on 01/19/2006
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I have been taking iodine, Lugol's 6 drops a day for a few months now, my problem being hypothyroidism. My general health has improved, but going by my urine test i am only half way there. I'm sure by the time i have my next test i will feel great!

Replied by Catherine
(Wellington, New Zealand)

Where do you get your lugols? I can't buy it here and on my frequent visits to Sydney have not been able to get it there either ... none of the pharmacists I have ever asked have even heard of it.

Replied by Bev
(Long Beach, Ca Usa)

I get Lugols from my local fish store. Find one that sells products for salt water aquariums. Iodine is essential for salt water tanks. In my area I go to Strictly Fish.

Posted by Donna (Aspen, CO) on 11/24/2005
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I am encouraging people to get their doctor to test their thyroid these days, as I have found so many people in dangerous levels. Turns out that doctors do not just test it automatically, you have to ask. And, they aren't up to date with reading the results, anything over 2. for the TSH is going bad. 1.5 is perfect. Old rules were 3. was okay.

Posted by Donna (Aspen)
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Glad you are so interested. Yes! The iodine dyes the skin--sort of-- it is suposed to, so you can see when it's gone. Your skin isn't really dyed--as it absorbs into the skin. If it absorbs (disappears) before 24 hours then you are iodine deficient. If you buy the colorless iodine then you will never know if you are iodine deficient or not. As 80% of us in the U.S. are iodine deficient, it's a good guess you are one of us! I painted a friend visiting from Europe--her painting lasted 75 hours!!! There's no fluoride, chlorine or bromade in their water or bread. So, her thyroid is working, her body did not absorb it because she had sufficient iodine in her, and she is 67 years old. The thyroid cleans the blood every 17 minutes and sends out messages in the blood to care for the hormones and all of your glands and organs. If the thyroid is iodine deficient then it cannot work properly. The good news is that you can abuse your throid for 10 years or more before it just cannot do it's job, and then it slowly goes out. It starts by depriving something- whatever it feels is least important to your well being, your face may break out, your hair may get thin or dry, you may get dark circles under your eyes, you may feel dizzy or slow. It's not something you really even notice for years, and then something bad happens.....cancer, diabetes, heart attack (impurities in the blood cause the vessels to clog), etc. The good news is it only takes the thyroid 3 months to be strong again with feeding it iodine. However, I will paint every day because our society is so busy depleting iodine in our food. It used to be in our soils, it raines down on us from the sky, now we pesticide and chemicalize our soil to death. Just don't forget that the thyroid regulates how much oxygen gets into the blood. So, take another simplistic step back & go to "iodine" and cure your thyroid.

More regarding your thyroid: your thyroid is 65% iodine. It also regulates the oxygen that gets into your cells. Lack of sufficient oxygen in your cells is the root of all cancers. And, everyone who has died from cancer is found to have a deficient thyroid gland. A low body temperature (under 97.6) is also caused by low thyroid function, this is your first signal that something is wrong. Sea Kelp pills also supply iodine......painting though, w/ iodine, is always there for your thyroid to feed on! Lugols is a stronger iodine, it is 6%, so just doing the math-- if 2% should stay on for 24 hours then Lugols should stay on 72 hours. Just go with the drug store 2% variety, mine is Swan brand, and watch it absorb, if yours disappears really quickly then as a daily painting you could use the stronger Lugols. Or you can buy Iodoral tablets on the web. They are 12% iodine. I take one every other day. However your thyroid can only absorb a very small amount everyday, you cannot force it to drink more than it can absorb naturally. The excess isn't wasted though, it uses the excess that you feed it daily to help regulate the organs and blood. But I feel that painting is the best, I will paint every day the rest of my life. Hope your iodine stays on for days!