Thyroid Remedies


Posted by Laura (Logan, Ut) on 07/08/2011
5 out of 5 stars

When I was a teen my thyroid was so low that I had the highest TSH score my doctor had ever seen. He said my thyroid was most likely dead. I believed him for twenty years. After a lot of research, I was lead to try alternative methods and found a good "muscle tester". She said my body did NOT like my Rx, (Levothyroxin, but I had used Synthroid in the past with similar results being that I was still very symptomatic) and replaced it with a whole foods supplement. I was VERY wary about stopping my meds. I expected to see the exhaustion and mental fog I feel the next day when I accidently skip a dose, but I was shocked to see an INCREASE in energy and in my ability to focus mentally. I was able to sort clutter all day for four days straight in preperation for an upcoming move. This would have been a nightmare for me before. I have been off my medication and taking the supplements for over a month now and I feel so much better! The supplement I use for thyroid is called Thytrophin PMG and is made by Standard Process ( It is very reasonably priced and it's all natural. It is supporting my body to make its own hormone which I never dreamed would be possible.

It is ESSENTIAL that you have muscle testing done to determine the needed dose. You can also learn to self test. It's actually pretty simple. The good news? My tester said it's pretty common that people can eventually stop taking the supplements once their bodies recieve the necessary nutritional support. I figure I will probably always have to check up on my thyroid and use this natural support on and off, but that's a far cry from a "dead" thyroid with lifelong Rx requiring blood work, etc.

I feel so good I can't even explain what this has done for me! PLEASE look into this. It's really true that you can get off your meds. Chiropractors are licensed to carry this, so they would be a good place to start.

Posted by Fxdiva (Atlanta, Ga) on 04/14/2010
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Oh my goodness, I can't even begin to tell you how much better I'm feeling!!! I've been on the suppliments now for exactly 8 weeks and it has made all the difference in my world.

I did double my dosage - same amounts, but one dose in the morning and one at night and I've been off my medication for 7 of the 8 weeks. The first thing I noticed was NO MORE heart palpitations or sweats. My thyroid shrunk almost immediately - I'd say within 24 to 48 hours, my breating and heartrate also slowed. My overall dispositioned improved considerably. I'm soooooooooo much happier these days and other "stuff" has started working better too ; )

I'll be going to the doctor to get my levels checked really soon, but I'm pretty sure that these suppliments are working 100 times better than my medication ever did. Even if I have to take this for the rest of my life, I'd rather take something natural than something perscribed.

And last but not least, all 3 suppliments combined cost around $20 for what ends up being a 2 month supply. Folks, you can't beat that with stick. . .

If you have HYPER thyroidism [Graves Disease], please don't hesitate to try this, you'll really be glad you did.

Posted by Anonymous (Chicago, Illinois) on 10/24/2009
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I get flare-ups of hyperthyroid symptoms - my test results have come back with the markers of graves disease. I have taken these symptoms to help with my hyperthyroid/jitteriness/insomnia/racing thoughts. If I take them for a few days - a few weeks and then re-take a thyroid test, my thyroid levels actually show remarkable improvement as my symptoms improve:

L-Tryptophan - 500milligrams - 3 pills up to 3X a day (without food)

Magnesium Chloride - 2 teaspoons 3X/a day (with food). I have also used Magnesium Citrate 1-2 teaspoons up to 3X a day. I think I prefer the Magnesium Chloride.

Magnesium Glycinate 400milligrams - up to 3X/day (with food)

Vitamin E - I know some doctors advise against taking large amounts of vitamin E so please check with your doctor. When I get very jittery vitamin E helps make me tired and calm me down so I'll take up to 800 iU a day of vitamin E as well.

These are the supplements that have significantly helped me. Please check with your doctor first!

Posted by SamLaunch (Knoxville, TN) on 06/26/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Thank You to everyone who contributes and writes on this website. My Hyper Thyroid problems began in March 2008 and lasted until May 2009. Thanks to Ted and his research which led me to find a vitamins that aid in long life: Co Enzyme Q-10, Selenium and L-Lysine. Here's what I took: Baking Soda mixed in apple cider vinegar with water added, those three vitamins listed above. What happened soon after taking those vitamins and drinking the drink: I fell into a deep sleep at 9:00PM. I never go to sleep at 9:00PM! I can't remember but it seemed like overnight, my eyes receded back into my head and my thyroid shrank. I say shrank because my neck had been bulging out with my eyes. I'm not sure which one of the four did the trick: Baking Soda w/ACV & H2O, Co Enzyme Q-10, Selenium and/or L-Lysine. I've been washing my scalp/hair with Borax and coating my face with Hydrogen Peroxide after shaving. I'm looking good and feeling good. I had been scheduled for the Thyroid radiation treatment at my veteran's office but no longer need or want to get a dose of that to fry my insides. Anyway, I'm very happy and owe my well-being to this free website. Thank You Ted and Friends.