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Posted by Les (Alaska) on 03/05/2017
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I got same thing when drinking coconut oil, it was in wishbone area in chest, turned out to be gall bladder spasms. I got this after taking growth hormone injections and 600 calorie a day diet with no fat for 3 sessions X 6 weeks each. Needless to say, gall bladder went into spasms off / on for 2 more months and the test they did at hospital showed gallbladder not functioning properly. The spasms were so painful, I agreed to have it taken out. I so wish I knew how bad that is on / for your body!! Change your lifestyle, eat organic, remove wheat, caffeine, no plastic, no chlorine, no milk, lots of put water, organic teas.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Coconutrisk (Reno, Nv) on 06/10/2013
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I too have been getting chest pains from coconut oil. I have 100% confirmed this several times by eliminating it from my diet then reintroducing it. It is concerning because sometimes it feels like I am having a heart attack. All the healthy stuff that is indicated by taking coconut oil, I am really concerned about the risks.

I have never taken thyroid meds, or any other meds. Just had to changed my diet to veggies fish and some meats over the past year. Coconut oil was helping my diet not be so bland, but despite what I just read on this forum about it possibly being a godo thing, the chest pains don't seem good to me. I'd like more science behind this.

PS: I have also found a few other cases of chest pains with coconut oil from google search.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Cat (Austin, Tx) on 10/05/2010
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Hi Bessie! Well, the experiment works! 10 lbs every 2 weeks! HOWEVER, I now know I'm allergic to this nut as well. Had to make a choice between extreme eczema or weight loss. Chose my skin which is getting better now that I've stopped the VCO. Also noticed my blood pressure slipping higher which ceased when I stopped imbibing VCO. Sigh! What next? mmmm.. I'm working on it..

Coconut Oil
Posted by Misha (Binghamton, New York ) on 03/19/2009
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I began taking a tablespoon of coconut oil in my morning tea each day. On about the 4th day, I suffered from chest pains which I had never experienced before. I discontinued use to rule out other possibilities, and when I reintroduced it, I suffered from the chest pains once again. I began taking the coconut oil to help a sluggish thyroid, but have stopped taking it since my negative experiences with it. I am 27 and in excellent health.