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Coconut Oil

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Posted by Nancy (New York, New York) on 08/31/2013
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I have a tendency towards hyperthyroid (I'm not on any meds) but EVCO made my heart race and my hyperthyroid and insomnia symptoms a million times worse. I took tons of Magnesuim chloride and glycinate and exercised and my symptoms went away. The only other supplement that made me suddenly go into a hyperthyroid state like that was Iodine.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Kelly (Brooklyn, ny) on 03/01/2008
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i found out i was hypo in Sept 07. have never been overweight about VCO so i tried it for a month but have gained weightI went from size 4 to 6 in a short time. i exercise alot and have not changed my eating habits with the exception of adding VCO to my diet. I would have 1lbs on my toast in the morning and then cook with another tbls at night. i started taking it for additional energy and softer skin...but the only thing i got was thicker thighs and stomach. i just had my endo appt this week and still had to increase my meds as the THS levels were still not close to normal. I guess I was the exception!

Coconut Oil
Posted by Peter (Koh Samui, Thailand) on 10/05/2007
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I was diagnosed with mild Hypothyroidism in May 2006, studied the benefits of VCO and started to use it shortly after. For the first 6 manths I experienced an increased energy and a better digestion. However this effect did not last. The oil did not have any effect on the funtion of my Thyroid and my general wellbeing. I am still using the VCO internally(every heated meal is prepared with it) and I also use it externally (on some parts of my body). I do this, because I am convinced by the benefits of this oil. However it does have not any dramatic effect, as testified by others. Since about one week I am having digestion problems and feel congested in my liver and spleen area. I am still on my Thyroid medication (50 mcg of Euthyrox). Does anyone have a similar experience that they seem not to benefit so much from the oil? I am of the blood type O and according to the bloodype diet I should avoid coconut and also the oil from it. Has anybody experiences with the effect of VCO on blood type O people?