Achieving Thyroid Balance with Natural Remedies and Nutrition

Avoid Raw Spinach
Posted by John (Hi) on 06/27/2020 4 posts
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I chose to eat raw spinach as my leafy green and did so daily to the tune of 1 pound a week over a year. I had been warned about effects of oxalic acid causing stones but I didn't think I was overeating it. Over time I became less focused, irritable and finally fatigued, a feeling I had never experienced!

I tested for my thyroid markers and and they were through the roof! I immediately stopped the spinach and gradually normalized! Anecdotally, when I ate katuk, I experienced insomnia! Then, raw parsely and cilantro caused my skin to itch! Back to romaine lettuce for me. (Sauropus androgynus, also known as katuk, star gooseberry, or sweet leaf, is a shrub grown in some tropical regions as a leaf vegetable.)