Well-Researched Natural Remedies for Thyroid Cancer

Budwig Diet
Posted by Sandman (Oakland, Tennessee) on 10/24/2012

I had a biopsy done for cancer on my thyroid about five or six years ago that came back as suspicious. I was told it is hard to diagnose your thyroid unless it is removed and tested. It was enlarged and the doctor said it was either cancer or a goiter, I had been reading up on alternative method for treating cancer and decided to not have surgery or radiation, I tried following the cancer diet on http://cancertutor.com/ this site has various alternative methods for cancer including the Budwig diet which I now eat every morning for breakfast but I mainly follow the raw vegetable and fruit diet concentrating of those fruit and vegetables that have cancer killing properties in them. I also once a week now eat salmon for the fish oil. I am supposed to stay completely away from bad oils, sugar and things high on the glycemic index. I was supposed to eat the raw vegetables and fruit for two weeks then drink nothing but either fresh carrot or grape juice the next two weeks nothing cooked and no meats. Carrots and black grapes are considered the best foods for killing cancer. I chose the carrot juice because the grapes juice was just too sweet to drink all day long for two weeks. But it was hard to stick to this diet trying to prepare meals one way for myself and completely different for the rest of the family so I was constantly going off and on it. I stuck to it the best I could but when it came time to retest my thyroid I got on the stick and did nothing but drink carrot juice for two weeks and the test came back that the tumor had shrunk 1/3 its size so that was proof to me these alternative methods work and would complete get rid of whatever problem it was goiter or cacer if I could just stick to it.

Recently the main thing I have come to terms with is that sugar and starches that turn to sugar, (anything high on the glycemic index) causes you to crave things and makes it hard to control the diet. I realized this a while back and once again I am trying to stick with it. Sugar can hide in the most unlikely places so you have to be really cautious about what you eat and read all labels. I have gotten to the point I can tell when the tumor is growing, I can feel it plus it start hurting slightly, when it does that I eat a whole raw carrot and the next morning the pain goes away and stays away for several weeks, then I try to motivate myself to get back on the diet and manage to for a while. I hadn't felt the tumor for a while so I had another test done about a year ago which showed the tumor was still there but since it was by a different clinic they didn't have the original test to compare.

There are more expensive alternative methods on this site that are supposed to work much better but I choose to try to tackle the cause of the cancer which is my diet. Hopefully this time I can stick to it. I plan to have it tested again if I can manage to stick to the diet for a full six months which is the time span they say it takes to get rid of it. But one thing I have learn is that I will always have to pretty much stick to this diet even when the tumor is gone because when you get off of it you open yourself up for the cancer to come back because a bad diet is the main thing that causes cancer, so in that respect there really isn't a true cure.

But as it is I am still here and just trying to eat right must have helped even if I couldn't stick to it completely.