Natural Cures for Throat Issues

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Art (California) on 02/24/2023 2161 posts

A friend recently asked me about an issue he was having where when he would try to go to sleep, it felt like mucus was some how leaking down to his throat and it would wake him up either coughing or choking and he said this had been happening for more than a year and it was not allowing him to get good sleep. He also told me that he could only lay on his right side to get some semblance of relief. He said that if he slept on his back or left side, he would cough and choke frequently, which would wake him up every time. He also told me that if he swallowed shortly after laying down, the situation seemed to be worse.

I told him it might be a sinus infection of some type and suggested colloidal silver might help if it is an infection. I gave him two, 2 ounce spray bottles of 20 ppm colloidal silver so he could try it out. He started using it right away at 3 times per day with two sprays in each nostril for a total of 12 sprays per day. He told me that that was similar dosing to some nasal sprays he had tried so he would use the CS in a similar manner.

I recently saw him and asked if the silver had helped him. He didn't answer me right away and looked like he was thinking about it. He finally answered with a yes. He said he hadn't even thought about it lately, but realized he could now sleep in all three positions with no coughing or choking. He said it must have gone away very gradually because he hadn't even realized that the problem was gone!

Not the most severe health issue by any means, but I love a happy ending!