Hyperhidrosis - Excessive Sweat Remedies

Posted by James ( London, England.) on 07/03/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Hello everyone, I suffered from excessive sweating, it got progressively worse over the last 6 years, it had always been pretty bad, affecting what I could wear, when to leave for places, so I had a 'cool down' half hour as sweat would be running down my back and all around my head, I read this forum and started taking Sea Kelp and Magnesium tablets, as some helpful people had suggested.

This weekend I went to a wedding and danced to the music, one song would have had me standing outside for fifteen minutes to cool down, but I had no sweat running anywhere, when I did work up a sweat, I could feel it actually working like it should, and it cooled me down within a couple of minutes, so I went back in, in my dry shirt and carried on!

The other thing I have noticed, is that my acid reflux has been curbed to the point where I dont need to take medication for it, I used to double over if I had forgotten to take my pills, now its a slight case of feeling a slight burn for a second, then its fine, I can cope with this.

Thank you to everyone who has suggested remedies, I feel like a new person!!