Hyperhidrosis - Excessive Sweat Remedies

Iontophoresis Machine
Posted by Stacey (Northern Ireland ) on 08/18/2023

Hi everyone just thought I'd come on and give you all some information about Hyperhidrosis as I'm a long term sufferer myself, and I've had it from birth and basically tried every remedy from changing my diet, to cutting out sugary, spicy and dairy foods including herbal remedies such as sage and ACV non which ever made any difference.

I sweat excessively under my armpits, my hands, my feet, and a small amount in my groin area. My doctors mentioned to me a long time ago about the surgery option but I decided against this as it was a pretty invasive operation and it wasn't guaranteed to stop your sweating. Only the last few years, I've been receiving Botox on the NHS for my under arms and hands they where very reluctant to give this to me only my dermatologist fought so hard and said I was one of the most extreme cases she'd seen and this issue was really taking its toll on me. So I eventually managed to get this after years of suffering, it did work extremely well in the first few months but it only lasts between 3-6 months, I did get roughly 6 months to start with but over time, this faded and honestly the pain is excruciatingly sore. I had to get 25 injections under each armpit and around 10 on the palms of hands. Did I say how painful it was 😖 Im not overly keen on the use of Botulinum toxin but it definitely has helped changed my life considerably especially as a young female now in my thirties.

I've recently been using a machine called the iontophoresis machine and it uses electric currents to zap the sweat glands. It can be a little uncomfortable but you put your area to be treated into trays with water and you set your desired current, this treatment works wonderfully although it is pretty demanding because it needs to be done every day for maximum of 2 weeks then top up sessions to maintain your sweat free area.

Out of all the remedies and medicine I would suggest investing in the Iontophoresis machine and use this, the machine is costly but it comes without the harmful side effects of Botox.