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A Guide to Natural Remedies for Improved Sugar Metabolism

Chromium Picolinate
Posted by Tom (Livingston, Tx) on 04/03/2023 64 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Earlier in my life, I have had positive results with energy by taking chromium picolinate. So for at least the last 20 years, mornings I have taken one 200 mcg capsule of chromium picolinate (CP) for my sugar metabolism. I have never been able to increase the daily morning dose past 200 mcg because it would cause me a slight headache. The picolinate form of chromium is the only form that ever gave me noticeable results for energy.

I buy the 200 mcg CP from SwansonVitamins in bottles of 200 capsules.

From the bottle label:

"High-concentration chromium for blood sugar support. Helps maintain healthy insulin levels. WARNING: For adults only. Because chromium may enhance insulin sensitivity and affect glucose levels..."

Back then I decided to make CP a permanent part of my supplements because CP gave me the extra energy, so I have kept taking CP but I don't really notice any positive effect now, although I might notice a lack of energy if I stopped taking CP.

I also take CP so I can eat sugars. I prefer to assume that CP is good for all of my sugar metabolism.

So I basically eat what I want now without worrying about sugar intake because apparently taking CP handles the metabolism of sugar for me.

When I was primarily a beef eater, beef would pull down my blood sugar and cause me sleepiness and hypoglycemia. So I started to emphasize eating fish and I feel better or lighter after eating fish. According to Dr. Shallenberger and his free Health Alert e-letter at, fish also contains an abundant protein that dissolves or prevents the formation of brain tangles:

Then I read someone state that beef can cause diabetes and I don't really doubt it. I still eat beef, however.

Back when I was taking RNA tablets derived from nutritional or brewer's yeast, the CP would increase my breath intake, lung volume and exercise ability when taking the two with soy lecithin powder. I never figured out this combo's dynamic, but it was a dramatic increase in my breath, although the effect was elusive. I may have to try taking the RNA tablets again.