Stress Remedies

Posted by Steve (Leicester, United Kingdom) on 09/04/2013

I have been suffering with anxiety since 2008. With Panic attacks, brain fogs, mind blanks, dizziness, tight chest, occasional palpitations, a couple of fainting sessions at the gym as well as after not eating all day- paramedic call outs and several trips to A&E and my Doctors.

The trouble is emotional stress through working in sales and in call centre/cold calling positions, coupled with moving house 8 times since then, money worries due to time off work and a small amount of debt. Not to mention relationship up heaval and my parents domestics.

I've had several tests including but not limited to blood tests to check my thyroids, hormonal levels, my heart function on a stress test, a bubble test and a Echocardiogram. - The only thing thats been found is that I have Gilberts Syndrome and a small hole in my heart (pfo). Neither of which are life threatening.

I still get some symtoms but I have found some assurance having the echocardiogram recently. It also helps if I eat cruciferous vegetables and a balance diet with omega 3 via hemp oil intake and fish. However stress often creaps up if I have too much going on in and outside work. So Ive had mind blanks, headaches, almost double vision, dizziness, General anxiety, being tense and having back pain even this month.

I tried L-Tyrptophan but it was only very mildly helping. Since then I have come accross Rhodiola. I have the Higher Nature Stress relief version. I have to say its been incredible alongside light excercise and weights. My mind is clearer, the dizziness is 10 times better and in the bedroom I dont feel as anxious. Im going to keep on with these but I seriously would recommend this to anyone with anxiety or stress related issues.

Posted by Sara (West Palm Beach, Florida USA) on 03/25/2008

I took this for fatigue, stress and a bit of low mood. I took it for 2 months and noticed I wasn't tired anymore and could deal with things more. I finally had energy to do things that I didn't before . Caffeine didn't work because I believe I stressed out the adrenals.

I really noticed that this worked when I stopped taking it for a week to cycle it. Back to being tired and not wanting to do much.

This herb has given me my life back. It sounds cliche, but it's true.

Posted by RR (Vancouver, Canada) on 02/21/2008

Rhodiola is amazing! I've been taking rr for about 6 months with fantastic improvements. I suffer from major anxiety/stress disorder, minor depression, was taking effexor xr for 5 years prior to this wonderful herb..the effexor caused me to gain 35lbs, made me sweat heavily, and actually gave me more anxiety, the sweating is still a problem, but is getting much better since taking rhodiola, almost gone, except when i get really anxious - socially, i start to sweat from my head/face..which is pretty dam embarrassing..DONT TAKE EFFEXOR! as this never happened before even with the anxiety i had. Since taking rhodiola and stopping the effexor..i've lost the 35lbs that i gained..alot faster then iv'e ever lost weight does help you lose long as you exercise hard and eat reasonably healthy. I dont eat that great, still eat pizza,wings, and drink beer occasionally. Just cut that deep fried's etc to a minimum. EXERCISE is the key to losing weight with this herb, although when i took a break from working out...i still dropped a couple pounds.

Thanks to rhodiola, i'm almost back to my old self, except for this lingering little bit of anxiety. rhodiola works best with other herbs, acutally makes those other herbs work better then if u were to take them alone. My stress is so dramatically reduced, i almost feel normal again.

I'm currently on the search for the best combination to combat this left over anxiety issue, looks like i'll try 5-htp as people seem to have success with this combo.

I've been using the Arctic Root brand, from proactivebio, and currently trying out the Ameriden brand..just google'll find it...apparantly its from Siberia where this root was first discovered.

And as far as i cannot grow it properly here, the active compounds will not be present if grown here, needs that cold arctic condition to grow properly.

U have nothing but to benefit from taking this herb. I'm getting my whole family on it now!

and usually takes about 2-3 weeks before you really notice the effects!