Stress Remedies

Posted by Tim (Berkeley, Ca) on 10/18/2009

Stress Remedies - Meditation

The best way for me to reduce my daily mental and emotional stress is to meditate. It is not as easy as taking a pill but it is more effective in the long run. There are many different styles of meditation but the basic theme is that you sit down and calm your mind, slowing down or stopping the stressful thoughts that you don't even realize are zipping through your mind.

Here is a good article to give you a brief overview.

I would recommend that you also go to and do a search for "meditation" and watch some different videos to get a sense of what it is all about. You might also want to go to the library and get some books on meditation or find a local meditation group where you can practice and learn from others. Don't expect overnight results, as a matter of fact it will probably take you about 10 sessions before you start to get some results, but hang in there because it is worth it.