Stress Remedies

Dietary Suggestions for Stress
Posted by Mohammed (Birmingham, U.K.) on 05/04/2008

stress and depression is caused when the nervous system becomes weak and starts breaking up similar to a phone connection. following are excellent cures for stress:

1 fresh pineapples.
2 cauliflower.
3 guavas.
4 bananas.
5 coriander soup.
6 barley,- soup, porridge or bread made from this is one of the best cures with a multiple arrange of other health benefits.
7 pistachio nuts, guarantee you smiling throughout the whole day and also increase facial beauty. more effective when taken with milk.
8 grapes, help you have really good dreams.
9 sheep's milk. eat these on a regular basis and enjoy life.

Please note some people are upset due to some tragedy and find it difficult to be happy. i urge those people to try these cures and promise them that by praying and asking to god they will have no reason to be upset. wish you best of health and wealth, love you.