Stomach Polyp Remedies

Posted by Lwcath (Sc, Usa) on 05/09/2014

I feel I should pass this on. My boyfriend has a syndrome called Muir-Torre. It makes you more susceptible to various cancers, especially rare cancers of the sebaceous glands and colorectal cancer. His sister died at 50 of colon cancer. He had a bout with skin cancer earlier this year, so I asked his Doctor to schedule a colonoscopy due to the high risk from the syndrome. First let me say, my boyfriend does not go gently into this good night. It takes monumental levels of anesthesia to knock him out. During the colonoscopy (in December 2013), the Doctor found innumerable polyps, but my boyfriend woke up in the middle, and they had to reschedule after a anesthesiology consult. The surgeon told me due to his family history, and the large number of polyps he saw, he wanted to remove his colon during the next procedure.

When we returned home, I scoured the internet for anything we could do to prevent this surgery. I read a study from Johns Hopkins that was promising with Curcumin in shrinking and dissolving polyps. He hates the taste of turmeric, so I found a supplement that contained turmeric with pepper and oil (necessary for your body to absorb the turmeric). He took this every morning since December. Well, we went for the second colonoscopy yesterday (May 2014). He only had 6 polyps, and the Doctor said they did not look suspicious. I am still in shock and awe. I feel we missed a speeding bullet. I will recommend Turmeric to anyone at risk of colon cancer.