Stinky Feet Remedies! Eliminate Foot Odor Naturally

Posted by Palemauve (Beijing, China) on 12/28/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Hi! I'm surprised to find that the best remedy for stinky feet is not available on earth clinic!

Since childhood, I've been plagued by very stinky feet, and its been a subject of humiliation many times over. Although I didn't have the opportunity to try all the various solutions that people have recommended, I found one that just solved my problem without having to buy or prepare anything. I came across some sites that recommended urinating on your feet, as the bacteria in your urine counters with the bacteria on your feet (something like that, ) removing the smell pretty much permanantly!

I just simply peed on my feet while in the shower and let it sit for about a minute, while rubbing my feet against each other. No joke, after my shower, the smell was gone! Not just for a few hours, but for years! (PS: pee on them before you have your shower and before you run the water.)

There's no risk, no mess, and you don't have to buy anything. I just can't understand the people who get grossed out by this. Its natural remedy at its finest. If you'd never been plagued by stinky feet, I guess you wouldn't understand right? Good luck to all you guys who have this problem, and I hope it works for you!