Stinky Feet Remedies! Eliminate Foot Odor Naturally

Posted by Monica (Salt lake City, Utah) on 02/09/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Alum cured my stinky feet/stinky shoes. You can find Alum in the Spice/Herb section of any grocery store, and is very affordable. You don't need much just put it in your shoes before you wear them. I put enough in to coat the entire sole of the shoe, and I lightly very lightly shake out the excess. You will want to put in every time you wear them for a week or so or equivalent if you do not wear them everyday. Not only will the smell be gone and completely neutralized, it has a cleaning effect to the sole of the shoe as well. It completely took out the dark area of the shoe where you would normally see your foot print. Now I do not have to leave my shoes outside, nor do I have to come in and soak or wash them. Not to mention No more embarrassment. Only down side (but very worth it to me) it has a texture of very fine grit sand. If you can handle feeling like there is a little bit of sand in your shoe (for a week) then this is very much your cure!! Not sure if the smell comes back, all my shoes I have only went through the week process once and not had to since. Its been approx. 3 months and still no foot or shoe odor.