Squamous Cell Carcinoma Remedies

Cesium Chloride
Posted by Barb (Elk City, Oklahoma 73644) on 02/22/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I used cesium chloride to cure squamous cell carcinoma. The cesium worked on all the tumors except the one the doctor was treating with radiation at the same time I was treating with cesium. I couldn't understand why the cesium didn't kill the one tumor which was dying from radiation. Three months later as the tumor had grown back to its original size I finally figured it out. The radiation was shrinking the tumor so it wasn't ingesting the cesium chloride at the same time the rest of the tumors were.

It has been said it is harder to treat cancer after radiation. I now know why. The radiation stops the intake of the natural cancer killing agents until it starts growing again.

After killing all the small tumors there is no doubt a second treatment with cesium chloride will work on the larger tumor because it is once again ingesting huge amounts of glucose to keep its inefficient acid engine running.

If anyone tries the cesium chloride treatment be sure to tell them to take their potassium and magnesium as these chemicals get locked up inside the cancer cell along with the cesium chloride. Great harm can happen if they do not keep up the electrolites in their system as they self medicate with cesium chloride.